Friends of Joel (FOJ) is the Parent-Teacher Organization for Joel Elementary School.
We are a non-profit organization, formed to raise money solely for the benefit of the educational experience at Joel Elementary School in Clinton, CT. We are Parents, Step-Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Faculty and friends of the kids at school.  We donate our time whether an hour or more to help support the education of our children. Our fundraisers are fun too: The Monster Mash, Square 1 Art, Jeanine, the etc.  Our work and mission is not boring. The most important thing is that our fundraisers provide the extras that enhance the mission of our schools: monthly cultural assemblies, guest speakers, special book requests, equipment, teachers' wish lists for classroom materials, etc. All excess funds raised each year go directly to purchase valuable equipment (ex: smart boards) and supplies for the teaching staff, which were not included in the schools’ annual budget. Long-Term projects still continue to give back:  Activities like Project Adventure and playground equipment have benefited from our fundraising. FOJ also sponsors the annual Sports-a-thon, the 3rd Grade Celebration, Teachers’ Appreciation Luncheons after our parent-teacher conference nights, and numerous other school-run programs throughout the year. As a group we accomplish great things because each individual counts!  One hour a month, or even one day a year has a remarkable impact in our goals. Please consider joining us! If you can't make our meetings but still want to pitch in, please email us.  We will find tasks that you can help us with even if you can't make the monthly meetings. Any amount of time counts!  Get in touch with us today!
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