Free Medical Equipment Available To Those Who Need It

When Money's Tight And A Walker Or Wheelchair Is Needed - Come To The First Church Of Christ Congregational's New Medical Equipment Loan Program

The recession has been hard on so many people - especially those who need costly medical equipment.

The good news is that the big white church on the lawn in Clinton - First Church of Christ Congregational, has a new program that offers medical equipment such as walkers, canes and crutches to those who need it - for free.

David Rainey wrote the grant that provided $2,000 to kick-start the program.

"The grant came through the Connecticut Conference of United Church of Christ through the Frank E. White Charitable Trust," explains Rainey. "In order to qualify, it had to be a new, community outreach program of a small church."

Rainey said the Mission Committee of the church put their heads together and brainstormed the idea. They had heard of Charlie's Closet in Guilford and other similar programs such as the one in Rainey's mother's church.

"There is nothing like this in Clinton," he added.

The $2,000 goes towards purchasing needed items for the program - not for salaries or anything like that, he said. Everyone who works on the program is a volunteer.

Bruce Lighty is the program coordinator along with about a dozen volunteers, said Rainey.

There was much work to do to get started: space needed to be found and tidied at the church, donations needed to be sanitized, and the church's phone system had to be reprogrammed to accept calls for the program. Plus the group had to get the word out to folks in Clinton.

Volunteer Sarah Marcinek said they have wheelchairs, commodes, various styles of walkers, shower benches, canes, and crutches. Everything is clean and ready to go to their new owner - for free.

"If you need something for just a short time, you can always return it so another person can use it," she said.

The volunteers will accept donations of gently-used equipment, as well.

To use the program, call the church at 860-669-5735 and ask to leave a message on the Medical Equipment Loan Program's line, or press the corresponding number to leave a message after-hours.

"Volunteers check the messages and will return calls within 24 hours," said Marcinek. "If we have it, we'll let you know it and you can come pick it up."

Richard C. Onofrio June 30, 2011 at 02:45 AM
I am writing to correct your article about the First Congregational Church being the first to offer medical equipment to their community. I belong to the Clinton Rotary Club and have been collecting and distributing used medical equipment for over 8 years. I personally started this program to benefit members of our community who could might not otherwise have access to needed equipment. Let me say it is not really important "who" was first but more so that there are other people with the same goals in mind. Sometimes groups do not get recognition for these services offered. The recognition helps to make others aware of these service too. Kudos to the Church and the people involved. I look forward to working hand in hand with them. Respectfully for the Clinton Rotary, Rich Onofrio
Fay Abrahamsson (Editor) June 30, 2011 at 10:55 AM
Thanks Rich for letting everyone on Patch know about the Rotary's long-time involvement with collecting and distributing medical equipment. And it was really nice to see you at the Rotary's Cancer Fund Luminaries event last evening!
bernadette hernandez August 25, 2011 at 03:46 AM
blessings for both,its great to have the opportunity to help people in need and can't affored to buy these equipments
rodney November 01, 2011 at 12:05 AM
Anyone know where i can get a walker for my mom? she needes one really bad. I am in a bind and can't afford to help at the moment. we live in tulsa, ok. any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks.
mafivasquez97@hotmail.com March 20, 2012 at 01:25 AM
Hi, My friend's brother in law has a condition called ALS. He is in need of a nasogastric suction, to release secretions. Anybody knows a place for free medical equipment or at a very very low cost? My email is mafivasquez97@hotmail.com. Blessings,
Yolanda Santos March 28, 2012 at 03:33 PM
My name is Yolanda Santos and I am the chairperson of AUTUMN & EMILIY- SMILING HEARTS INTERNATIONAL. I am a volunteer who travels to these countries once a month to help people who live in severe poverty in Honduras, Domincan Republic, Peru, Bolivia, etc....and help with local shelters and churches. At my own expense, I am presently building, floor to roof, a health center for children and elderly, to provide proper medical and emergent health services. I am DESERATELY seeking the HELP of those able to contribute medical supplies and equipment OF ALL KINDS. Proper Tax ID# is available for those who donate. PLEASE CONTACT ME at 551-221-3201, and/or 201-673-6062. Also needed are clothing, shoes, household items, toys. Monetary donations are also welcomed. I have a truck and am able to pick up any donated items. WHATEVER YOU DO UNTO MY BROTHERS...YOU DO UNTO ME...SAYS THE LORD. God Bless You All, and Thank You. Yolanda Santos
VICKI FAIRCLOTH December 22, 2012 at 04:34 AM
sharon Hyatt December 28, 2012 at 06:50 PM
My name is Sharon Hyatt, My friend Susan McCretton Downes was in a second car wreck and her origional knee brace was broken, she is now in desperate need of a new brace from her knee to her hip, she was hit by an uninsured driver, and her insurance will not get her the brace, please help her to walk again. We live in florida, Is there any agencies here that will help with free medical supplies such as knee/hip braces?


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