School Board Makes Adjustments to Calendar for Emergency Closings

Whether it's a hurricane, snow or power outages that close school for one day or five days, time must be made up at some point.


Trying to anticipate what Mother Nature may bring to the shoreline is not an easy task, especially for the Clinton Board of Education.

At a recent meeting, much discussion ensued over how best to plan for any additional school closing days.  Should the last day of school (June 19) be extended out or should some days or the entire week be swiped from April vacation (April 15-19)?

The discussion went back and forth.

As it stands, the administrators have build seven extra days into the calendar to take into consideration closings due to (usually) a decent snowstorm.

At barely the start of school last year, five days were taken as a result of Hurricane Sandy. That left two days unused.

Only last Thursday, January 31, the schools were closed due to a fierce wind storm that took out power in a section of town.  That now leaves one remaining "emergency" day left for snow, power outages, etc.

The school board discussed taking days from the already-scheduled April vacation but that idea failed to pass. They discussed adding days to the school year only but that idea failed the floor as well.

A compromise was made to add days onto the end of the school year beginning with June 24 and ending no later than June 28, with the understanding that if additional days are necessary, the board reserves the right to approach April vacation days.  That motion passed.

Pete February 04, 2013 at 12:45 PM
What about all the people who already paid for vacations in April? I know if it is cancelled my son will be out for that week.
joan February 05, 2013 at 01:28 PM
PETE, it appears that your vacation is more important then you child's education. you're probably one who also feels we need a new school. what's REALLY more important.,YOUR child's future or YOUR vacation. Sometimes you just have to sacrafice one thing for another. I'd rather give up my April vacation, then have to go to school, in the summer when it's hot.
Idiocracy February 05, 2013 at 07:35 PM
They should just do away with February vacation every year. Going to school all the way through June is just wrong.


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