How To Pay For College At Morgan High School

We’ll discuss not only traditional methods of funding college but also a number of creative ones.

From Morgan High School Guidance Department: 

On December 10th the Morgan High School is pleased to host college funding expert Vincent Winans of LPL Financial to speak about college funding strategies and financial aid options.

In this program titled “How to Pay for College” Vincent will discuss how the financial aid system works, what types of assistance are available, and what aid families can reasonably expect to see.  We’ll discuss not only traditional methods of funding college but also a number of creative ones.  The program will cover various tips and pitfalls related to common college savings plans such as 529’s, EE bonds, UGMA accounts, as well as a discussion of how the economic meltdown has affected college investments tuition costs, and available aid. 


Vince is a dynamic speaker and provides presentations at High Schools throughout Connecticut.  He works on an individual basis with families trying to best position themselves to qualify for financial aid.


“As a community we do a fantastic job of preparing students for college academically” Vince says.  “Now it’s time to help them with the hardest part – paying for it.”


This year, there have been a number of changes to the financial aid system under the Obama Administration, and it’s important that parents are aware of not only the changes, but how to actually access the financial aid they need. 


Today’s reality is that most families are unprepared for what college will actually end up costing.  Vince says “In my experience many parents plan to rely on student loans to pay for college, but are shocked to find that most education loans are actually parental loans!”


The good news is that there are strategies a family can use to improve their eligibility for assistance, and there are a number of sources families can look to for funds.  In the program on December 10th we’ll cover as many of those ideas as we can.  In the end most families will find that by stacking lots of little things together they end up with a college funding plan that can work for them. 


There are certainly many important points to know about college funding and financial aid.  Unfortunately there are also so many sources of information that the average family suffers from too much information and too little time.  That’s why we are pleased to have this opportunity to have a tight and compact 1 hour “how to” presentation from an experienced advisor.   Please join us at the school on December 10th at 6:30pm. 


We hope to see you there! 

April Godwin Shuman December 02, 2013 at 09:35 AM
Please, whenever writing an article about Morgan, please refer to it by its proper name, THE MORGAN SCHOOL. It was only referred to as Morgan High when the original school building housed both an upper and lower school, and even then it was a rarity. Thank you for your attention to this key part of Morgan's history.


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