Eliot School Saxophone Trio Raises Money for Soup Pantry

They entertained visitors to the school's winter concert who graciously gave $111 in donations to the Shoreline Soup Kitchens & Pantries.

As three young ladies, all Jared Eliot Middle School students, played their saxophones for attendees at the school's recent Winter Concert, no one was more surprised at the amount of money raised for a great cause than the three of them.

Julia, Emma and Juliana, all eight graders, were thrilled about the generosity of many who came to enjoy the winter concert which was held at the Morgan School. 

Band director Ross Tucker scored Christmas and seasonal songs for the saxophone in three parts, and the impromptu 8th grade sax trio played in the front lobby for the enjoyment of all before and after the school performance.

Together, the girls raised $111 in donations, which in turn were presented to the Shoreline Soup Kitchens and Pantries.


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