Eliot Rock ‘N Walk, Explained

If you are not familiar with this annual event - you'll soon find out that it's more than exercise and music. Read on!


This article is written by Jared Eliot Middle School student Maddie Guth, as part of an ongoing writing program in which student articles, covering a wide variety of topics, are published on the Clinton Patch. 

Have you ever felt that sensation in your heart after donating to an organization?  Have you ever felt the salty beads of sweat spill down the side of your rosy cheeks after exercising?  Well, the fortunate students of Jared Eliot Middle School have the privilege of feeling both of these sensations in just an hour and half’s time.

The Eliot Rock ‘N Walk Walk-a-Thon is only one of the astonishing activities held at the middle school.  In this fundraiser, students have the choice of walking or running around the middle school seven times, which is the equivalent of three miles. 

Each homeroom chooses a movie, book, sport, or any other themes that the homeroom can think of, and dresses up as the activity they choose to encourage spirit and excitement. 

For instance, Mrs. Dillon’s homeroom dressed up as adjectives, Mrs. Bloom’s homeroom dressed up as the American flag, and Mrs. Nero’s homeroom, the winner of the contest, dressed up as “Where’s Waldo?”

Every homeroom automatically gets entered into a contest for the best costume, and one prize get distributed for 1st place.  Each homeroom teacher has a station surrounding the perimeter of the school with cups of cold water for the students to sip while walking.  The Walk-a-Thon, which used to be held in the spring, is took place in the fall this year on Thursday, October 25th

After the exercising section of the event, students are invited to celebrate their hard work.  All of the students, teachers, and faculty are allowed to stroll in the cafeteria when finished with the 3 mile walk or run for healthy snacks and refreshing drinks.  After contented with food and drinks, students walk onto the fields behind the school.  There, a DJ plays loud music and students dance and celebrate.  This part of the event is one of the students’ favorites!

Eliot students are asked to raise money before the day of the Walk-a-Thon comes.  The money that all of the students raise goes to enhance educational activities at Eliot.

For instance, some of the money helps purchase supplies for the teachers and some of the money goes the computer section of the school.  Ms. Woods, a 6th grade English teacher, and Mr. Duda, a 6th grade Science teacher, are the two main people in charge of this fundraiser.  Ms. Woods and Mr. Duda are both great runners.  Therefore, they are the ones in charge of it all.

After interviewing Ms. Woods and Mr. Duda, I found out plenty of more information on this topic.  In the Rock ‘N Walk, Eliot teachers, students, and other staff get to participate and get involved. 

“Students and faculty get to come together, raise money, and have fun, exercise, and be healthy!” says Ms. Woods.  Both Ms. Woods and Mr. Duda have been working this event for multiple years. 

“The Walk-a-Thon gives Eliot a chance to come together as a community and celebrate fitness and a healthy life style while raising funds to help students academically,” explains Mr. Duda. 

They start planning at least two months before the event and work hard until the day finally comes. 

“It is for a great cause, it’s a wonderful way to bring students together, it’s exciting, and it benefits students!” says Mrs. Dest, a secretary at the middle school. 

All of the faculty working in Eliot school agree that the Rock ‘N Walk is one of the favorite events held here at Eliot.

The Eliot Rock ‘N Walk is an annual event and is celebrating its 6th year in action.  This healthy event is a great way to contribute to the Eliot community.

-- Maddie Guth

Michael BonTempo, Jr. December 02, 2012 at 03:33 AM
Excellent article, Maddie. Glad you and the other students enjoy and appreciate the work of the djs who play the music to 'rock 'n walk' by !
Valerie Nye December 02, 2012 at 03:40 AM
Great article Maddie! What a fun time. Go Dillon's Adjectives!!
Kristen Dillon December 18, 2012 at 02:56 PM
Nice job, Maddie! You did an excellent job researching, interviewing, and writing!


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