Cheery Lynn Hidek Always Knows Your Name

Eliot School student Kaitlyn Maurais sings the praises of her favorite children's librarian, Lynn Hidek of the Henry Carter Hull Library.


This article is written by Jared Eliot Middle School student Kaitlyn Maurais, as part of an ongoing writing program in which students pick a topic, write the article and have it published on the Clinton Patch.

Do you enjoy spending time at a place where you are called by your name? 

One of my favorite places to visit in Clinton, CT is the Henry Carter Hull Public Library. 

When I was an infant, my mom would take me to “Mommy and Baby” classes at the library.  The children’s room librarian, Mrs. Lynn Hidek, read short stories for babies, sang entertaining songs, and performed amusing puppet shows in the programs “Fun’s Begun with Ones” and “Two Time.” 

As a preschooler, I attended “Music with Margie” classes led by local musician and singer Margie Warner.  Miss Margie’s “Hello Everybody” and “Today” songs are still stuck in my head.  I also went to “Story Hour” with Mrs. Hidek.  I can still picture myself wearing my princess PJ’s and hugging my stuffed hippo, while listening attentively to Mrs. Hidek’s magical reading. 

While a Kindergartener at Lewin Joel Elementary School, I received my very first Henry Carter Hull library card;  I still remember how proud I felt when I walked up to Mrs. Hidek and she handed me my very own HCH Library card!

Ever since then, I always looked forward to Mrs. Hidek’s annual school visits, especially when she told students about the summer reading programs.

Without a doubt, my favorite summer reading program was “Magic Begins with Books.” After reading 2,000 pages, I got to ride on the Hogwarts’ Express Train, along with my brother Aiden, to Pizza Works in Old Saybrook, CT for a delicious lunch. 

Now that I am a seventh grader, I still visit the HCH Library to borrow books and movies and always look forward to seeing Mrs. Hidek’s smiling face in the Children’s Room.

As the current Assistant Director and Children’s Librarian for 26 years, Mrs. Hidek is tremendously friendly and super enthusiastic with the young readers in the town of Clinton.  Her outgoing personality, infectious smile, and love for books makes kids want to read. 

It is also incredible that she remembers every child’s name and their favorite activities.  On a recent visit to the HCH Library, I asked Mrs. Hidek about her secret for remembering everybody’s name.

She told me, “Sometimes I write down names or I associate faces with names.” 

Mrs. Hidek has a way of making kids feel special and comfortable at the library. 

“Playing with children and entertaining creative kids of all ages, especially when they are passionate readers,” are Mrs. Hidek’s favorite parts of being a librarian. 

She believes, “Children should do everything they can to find what books they like to read, because it’s very important to feel comfortable when reading.”

From a young age, Mrs. Hidek put me on the lifelong journey of loving to read.  She is truly a treasure to me, the HCH Library, and the town of Clinton.

--Kaitlyn Maurais  

Margo Burke December 09, 2012 at 12:58 PM
What a comprehensive and informative article written by an incredibly bright 7th grader! Miss Maurais's writing certainly did cover all the reasons why Lynn Hidek, with her fantastic and infectious smile, is so very special to ALL the people of Clinton!
Kristen Dillon December 18, 2012 at 03:01 PM
I love the personal twist you added to your article, Kaitlyn! Well done. Your love of reading shines through :)


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