Bernal Dias del Castillo Members Inducted at Morgan

Twenty-three new Spanish Honor Society members inducted in Spanish, of course.


At a ceremony conducted completely by current Spanish Honor Society members and entirely in Spanish, 23 new members were inducted to The Morgan School’s Spanish Honor Society in the Morgan Library on November 29.

Morgan’s chapter, named Bernal Dias del Castillo, was established in 1987 by former Morgan teachers Pat Burk and Carole Fisher. Susan Peterson is the faculty sponsor.

The new members are juniors and seniors enrolled in Spanish IV and V.

“Members are inducted based on the academic performance - B+ average or better, and their interest and commitment shown in class to learning the language,” Peterson explains.

“We like to recognize students for their achievement and encourage the study of a second language,” she added.

Newly inducted member Danielle Joyce, a senior, student of Spanish V, was asked what she thought the importance was of learning Spanish.

Joyce responded: "I want to be a nurse and I think Spanish plays a role in nursing.  At a recent job shadow, I used the language to communicate with a patient because nobody else knew Spanish."

Peterson is particularly pleased with Joyce’s thinking, she says, “because many students and their families are realizing how valuable studying Spanish is with the continually growing Hispanic population in our local community and beyond.”

Spanish Honor Society members will stand out at graduation by wearing their red honors cord.

New members include:

Stephen Barnett

Stacie Candela

Kaitlyn Conway

Emily Cuseo

Amanda Custodio

Sarah Dahlberg

Lily DeLaura

Bridget Forbes

Amanda Garbinski

Robert Gendron

Emily Hennessy

Kendra Hixon

Matthew Johnson

Danielle Joyce

Jonathan Markovics

Patrick McAllister

Francesca Moran

LeLe Nguyen

Alyssa Pascarella

Justin Santamaria

Olivia Scobie

Rory Smith

Ciara Vanderveen


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