Bills Proposed by State Sen. Linares and State Rep. Vicino

Read on to see what State Sen. Art Linares (R-Westbrook) and State Rep. Tom Vicino (D-Clinton) have been working on since they took office.


See below for a list of proposed bills introduced by Clinton's two local legislators.

You can click on the highlighted bill number for more information on the bill such as a detailed description of its purpose, its history, where it is in the process, who else helped introduce it, and who co-sponsored it.

These four bills have been introduced by State Representative Tom Vicino (D-Clinton) since he took office in January of 2013:

  1. An act authorizing bonds for capital projects at Middlesex Community College: HB05618
  2. An act banning smoking on beaches: HB05840
  3. An act concerning the taxation of generic cigarettes: HB05886
  4. An act concerning inspections for motor vehicles with over 100,000 miles: HB06021

These bills have been introduced by State Senator Art Linares (R-Westbrook) since he took office in January of 2013:

  1. An act concerning the criminal penalty for causing the death of another with a motor vehicle: SB00142
  2. An act concerning paid sick leave and its effects on state businesses: SB00179
  3. An act concerning an exemption from the business entity tax for small employers: SB00214
  4. An act concerning penalties for crimes involving the abuse of a minor child: SB00219
  5. An act concerning the construction and funding of the New Britain-Hartford busway: SB00265
  6. An act establishing a task force to study tourism on the Connecticut shoreline: SB00531
  7. An act allowing Learn Here, Live Here funds to be applied to the creation of a new business: SB00532
  8. An act establishing a tax credit for businesses that provide scholarships to students in manufacturing training programs: SB00536
  9. An act repealing the fees for fishing licenses in the state: SB00544
  10. An act establishing a task force to study shoreline preservation: SB00549
  11. An act concerning a tax exemption for small businesses that hire new employees: SB00566
  12. An act concerning the 2011 tax increases: SB00665
  13. An act concerning a study of the citizens' election program: SB00667
  14. An act concerning an income tax credit for first-time home buyers: SB00674
  15. An act establishing a task force to study special number plates for veterans: SB00785
  16. An act concerning the manufacturing reinvestment account: SB00787
  17. An act eliminating the earned risk reduction credit program: SB00788
  18. An act eliminating the earned risk reduction credit program for violent criminals: SB00789
  19. An act increasing the penalty for threatening with respect to a school: SB00791
joan February 20, 2013 at 10:16 PM
why does everyone pick on smoking. I'm not a smoker, although I was for many years. In my opinion, more people die from drunk driving then from smoking. I know too many people, both real young and old who have never smoked, that have had some kind of cancer they we're never smokers, and there's no way you can convince me that it was from smoking or from cigerette smoke. The reason no one does anything about drunk drivers, is because there are too many people in politics or the big shots who run our towns that are nothing but drunks. Just look at all the judges that have been picked up for drunk driving. These people are the ones that should hold up the laws and yet, they're the first ones to break them, because they think that they"re all above the law. Start doing more about the drinking if they want to save lives.
Laurie Santos February 23, 2013 at 09:33 PM
I complement "Patch" for listing the bills introduced or co-introduced by our new State Rep and State Senator. It is also helpful to have links to the bill itself which has been done. This is a good way for citizens to know what our legislators are up to!. Laurie
VIN CIMINO February 23, 2013 at 11:27 PM
19 important bills introduced by a freshman State Senator! Good work. I'm pleased to see many of those bills are aimed at improving our state economy. It's encouraging to see a new face in Hartford tackling important issues. Thank you, State Senator Linares, for addressing preservation of the shoreline and I really hope you're successful in eliminating the fishing license fees. Who was the genius that came up with that one in the first place? What's next, a tax on baking pies? Our state government has gotten way out of hand; too big, too expensive and too intrusive in our lives. We don't need bigger government and more taxes. We need smaller government and common sense. And, we need more people in Hartford like State Senator Linares.
Donna Whalen February 25, 2013 at 01:30 AM
PLEASE no acts concerning inspections for cars over 100,000 miles. These days that is not a lot of miles for a car and some of us struggle financially as it is. I personally don't need another debt.
Ed Annino February 27, 2013 at 02:42 PM
I agree Donna. The bottom line would be more revenue for the State. Gee, what else is new. People who would fail would then, most likely, have to put $$ into their vehicles to pass or buy new ones. Either way the State gets money.


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