Tuesday Update from the Road Crews

You may get snow pushed into your cleared driveway from the plows. It's impossible to avoid. In addition, the bus company will be conducting trial runs today on roads in preparation of school opening.


A message from Peter Neff, director of the town's Department of Public Works (DPW):

Crews continue to push snow off the roads to open them up to two lanes in preparation for opening schools. Today, First Student Bus Company will do some trial runs on the bus routes to determine if there are any particular area where additional work needs to be completed.

As crews begin to clear the streets and open roads up to two lanes there will be snow pushed off into driveways that have been cleared. Unfortunately there is very little we can do to avoid pushing the snow back into your driveway. It is important that roads are opened up to allow buses, fire, EMS, police and residential traffic to safety move through the Town.

Last night DPW crews with the help of our support contractors completed removing snow from the center of town to allow for access for local businesses. 

We continue to address the concerns of our most vulnerable residents without access to vital services such as visiting nurse services, lack of heat, home health care aides and dialysis.

Crews were dispatched to help assure that services were provided in these situations. This work will continue tomorrow. 


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