Town Sells $20K Trailer to Deep River

It's a win-win for both towns: Deep River gets a used trailer they're familiar with and Clinton can borrow it back if necessary.


In the spirit of town government cooperation, the Clinton Board of Selectmen recently approved the sale of one of two Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) trailers to the town of Deep River who had been borrowing it on and off for about a month.

Richard Smith, First Selectman of Deep River, sent a letter to Clinton First Selectman Willie Fritz asking if they could purchase the 1997 trailer for $20,000.

Peter Neff, Director of the Clinton Department of Public Works (DPW) and the town's Transfer Facility, said the town has two MSW trailers, an older one (1997) that will be heading to Deep River, and a newer one. The '97 trailer had been refurbished in 2009 for approximately $9,000.

Neff said his department doesn't use the '97 trailer regularly, thus it wouldn't be a hardship on the DPW to sell it. 

"We don't use it other than to rotate it in and out of service," said Neff.

Neff said since the transfer station is open only two days a week, if the newer trailer requires maintenance, it can be done during the other five days. 

The board unanimously agreed to the sale as well as agreed that the money from the sale should go to the DPW capital fund, not the general fund.

Phil Sengle January 22, 2013 at 02:50 PM
Good thinking and nice to hear. Now the town should look into raking in the "big bucks". How - by selling some of the approximately 90 properties the town owns. Let's start by selling the old PD, instead of making it into more town office space. This project of town hall expansion has been going on under the radar for about a year now.


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