Town Forms New Planning Steering Committee

Their role is to coordinate the efforts of the many land boards such as Planning & Zoning, Inland Wetlands, Municipal Building, etc.


The town boards and commissions can have diverse purposes and roles, but many times, such as when future plans are underway, they need to gather and be "all on the same page" as the saying goes.

Because of a greater need to coordinate the many commissions and boards with similar duties for long term planning, the Board of Selectmen recently formed a new Planning Steering Committee.

According to First Selectman Willie Fritz, the committee will be a compilation of representatives from many of the boards and commissions who will be involved in the future development of the town.

Its primary focus will be to develop a town plan of development encompassing the objectives of each individual board and commission, stated Fritz. That plan will then be incorporated into a formal document to be used as a guideline going forward, he added.

"This really isn't about individual town properties or projects, but long-term planning such as the overall development of the town and coordinating those efforts," said Fritz.

The selectmen asked for sitting representatives from the individual boards to join the new Planning Steering Committee. 

They are as follows:

  • Carol Walter - Board of Selectmen
  • Bradford Sullivan - Board of Finance
  • Alan Kravitz - Planning & Zoning
  • Omar Francis - Water Pollution Control Commission
  • Doug Traynor - Economic Development Commission
  • Miner Vincent - Municipal Building Committee
  • Kim Neri-Simoncini - Board of Police Commissioners
  • David Radka - Inland Wetlands Commission
  • Paul Topitzer -  Zoning Board of Appeals

The newly-formed committee will soon schedule a kick-off meeting, pick a clerk, and choose a chairman. Their agendas and meeting minutes will be available for viewing on the town's website, similar to other boards and commissions' data.

Phil Sengle September 04, 2012 at 04:46 PM
I'm confused (some would say "as usual"). Planning & Zoning is in charge of the ten year Plan of Conservation and Development. Hence the word Planning in their title. And its a state statute requirement. In fact they have already started this process. So is this new committee a duplication of effort or a usurping of the responsibility of P&Z? Further the Police Commission has not been asked to selected a member, but yet a name appears in the list of members. Yes, confusing.


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