An Update on Plowing & Clearing

The town's bus company will run some trial bus runs tomorrow to test the conditions.


A message from the Dept. of Public Works Director Peter Neff, Update: 6:00pm, Sunday, 2-10-13               

We continue to work on our roads with less than four that need to be opened up. We will finish those roads tonight to assure that the Fire Department, EMS and Police Department have access to all areas of Town.

Roads are/will be slippery tonight.  I am conserving sand and salt for tomorrow morning based upon the latest weather forecast. We have been unable to secure salt since the beginning of the week and we are not certain when more will be available.   If you are out and about tonight please use extreme caution.   

Crews have prepared the Town Hall, Mill District School and the Library for opening mid morning. The Municipal parking lot behind the center of town will be partially cleared to allow some parking.  Indian River Recreation Complex administrative offices will open later in the day to give us a chance to open the access road and clear off some parking.

Crews will be working on clearing the center of town (Post Office Square) and will continue east and west on Route 1 and clear as much snow from the center as possible. Sidewalks are not scheduled to be done at this point. Snow blowers are ineffective due to the heavy snow and ice.  I am not sure what we will be able to do. While it is important to try and open up the sidewalks we cannot do it at the risk of causing extensive damage to the walks and surrounding areas.

Tomorrow, contractors and DPW crews will begin the process of clearing intersections and cul-de-sacs. This work will be ongoing for the foreseeable future. We will address safety issues first, school transportations issues next and convenience last.   We  have asked First Student to run some trial buses tomorrow in order for them to see the road conditions and also see if we can make it easier for them prior to the reopening of school.

On behalf of the Crew I would like to thank everyone (well almost everyone) for their patience and understanding during this major event. Many people stopped and offered my crew a drink or a snack and it was greatly appreciated. If you have a particular concern please emails me at pneff@clintonct.net.

Alan Felgate February 11, 2013 at 01:07 AM
Great job DPW & contractors! We really appreciate all the hard work you're putting in. Thanks for making our roads safe for emergency vehicles, school buses, and the rest of us. Give 'em room to work everyone, and don't go out unless you need to!
Jim Braun February 11, 2013 at 01:42 AM
Boy the snow-sleet-snow sandwich sure made this one a real pain in my back!
Jack & Nancy Welch February 11, 2013 at 02:49 AM
Thanks So Much Clinton DPW & The Private Contractors for all the hardwork. You have accomplished so much in such a short time with record breaking snow fall. Thanks Pete Neff for the roadstatus updates they arevery helpful!
Nancy Cordero February 11, 2013 at 12:04 PM
Thank you DPW and others for doing the best job u could with this monster storm really appreciated! You guys have a tough job!
Catherine February 11, 2013 at 12:41 PM
Great Job!! Very impressed that you were able to get all roads in just two days! Amazing!


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