Info Meeting on the New Morgan School Dec. 11

Have questions about the new Morgan School and its design? Come to an informational session and check out the new design on Tuesday, Dec. 11.


The Morgan Building Committee will hold an information session for the public on Tuesday, December 11, in the Morgan School Cafeteria at 7 pm.

The object is to present the plans for the proposed new Morgan School, and to provide the public an opportunity to ask questions and give their input. 

There will be a presentation by Richard Munday, AIA, a principal from Newman Architects of New Haven.  They are the chosen designers of the new building. 

Community members are encouraged to attend.

Sam Justice December 13, 2012 at 05:36 PM
The representative from the environmental testing service was hardly overwhelmed with questions after the meeting. It didn't seem "dire" once the meeting ended. In fact all the grandstanding on the issue disappeared when there was no throng to listen and no camera to record it. I have some serious concerns about the soil just as I have serious concerns about PCB's, asbestos and mold in the current building. After speaking with the representative who was present I think this is easily solvable. I'm not proud to say this was the first Morgan meeting I've been to, but I realized something very quickly. This isn't a crusade by the CTA to protect our students and staff, it's a desperate attempt to appeal to the greatest human weakness, fear. The CTA's "dire pesticide issue," while valid if addressed with perspective and without hyperbole, is merely an effort to put doubt in the minds of this project's supporters for one end, killing the project. I really hope we are witnessing the exorcism of the CTA. Once everyone in town realizes how simply this organization operates that exorcism will be complete.
Kirk Carr December 14, 2012 at 02:40 AM
Clearly Jerry Vece did not want Matt Kennedy to answer contamination questions publicly. He promised that Matt would answer questions at the end of the meeting and then only offerred off-line questions. Denial will result in not confronting serious problems that could be averted if addressed. Vece promised that a phase 2 soil test would be conducted by BEFORE the property was purchased. Here is the link repeated from above: http://youtu.be/ZJOeL2Cv6Fo But the property was purchased 63 days before the test was released. Now you trust him to shoot straight about the test results. Dehumanization is the 7th of 8 methods humans use to justify immoral behavior. One who dehumanizes others dehumanize's one's self. Likewise with those who demonize others. The CTA is here to stay as long as profligate spending threatens to impoverish Clinton's taxpayers. Therefore, the CTA has never had more supporters nor been better organized. Growing in strength and growing in numbers, thanks in part to vicious attacks like this. When a cogent case can't be made, throwing stones is the last refuge of a limited intellect.
Sam Justice December 14, 2012 at 04:14 AM
No group throws more stones than the CTA. So, other than "stop the project" what are your or the CTA's solutions to remediate the contaminated soil on the purchased property? If you provide real answers to the town's problems and prove you can avoid Machiavellian fear mongering or pomposity, rational people may start to listen. Solutions are valuable, time to hear some.
Tom Riccio December 18, 2012 at 07:06 PM
I recently reviewed the video of this meeting and I am extremely disappointed by the proposed building. I counted nearly 12 different roof lines. Although not flat, wasn't that the point of not putting money into the current school? It is also uncanny how the proposed buildings physical layout is nearly the same as the current building. What has been incorporated from the first achitect we paid thousands to, whose drawings were fine? The bell in front? Can we just admit money was wasted on an expensive ad campaign. We could have put a picture of any other new high school in front of the voters for free. An ad campaign which seems to be unravelling behind closed doors. Contaminated land needing millions in remediation (hence the built in 9 million for just such a contingency?), added costs for a bridge and maintenance building, and inevitable cost overruns. We have not learned our lessons from past mistakes of which the ad hoc expansion to the current Morgan was. A new school is a major town investment. I urge all parties to reconsider just not what we want, but what we need. We must remember Morgan acts as a public gathering spot using the gyms and the auditorium routinely throughout the year. Any negotiation on having a smaller space in either is a non-starter. Please recommit to a building such as that of Mr. Thompson which voters envisioned and had input to. Thank you for your efforts and time on this project.
Kirk Carr December 27, 2012 at 12:10 PM
No one in authority is listening. Even some fervent supporters of a new Morgan voiced disappointment with the "mini me" plan presented by the architect. By the end of the meeting, the architect and chair were retreating and promised to go back to the drawing boards before the next public meeting. With this audience reaction this may be the last public meeting they have the temerity to hold. A week later the committee met and not one word was spoken about this public reaction. They spoke mostly about a flying tower in the auditorium, acoustic separation in the gymnasium, bridges over the river and a tardy and ridiculously expensive ($140K) study to prove building new will cost less than to refurbish as new. Selected reactions at the public meeting followed by the uncut committee meeting is available at: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qvaWiDCdJ9A Remember this is the same chair who promised that Phase II soil tests on the Richard's farm would be conducted BEFORE the property was purchased. In fact the damning soil test results were reported 63 days after the property was purchased. See the promise made: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJOeL2Cv6Fo Expectations are not well managed and buyers remorse is setting in before a shovel is in the ground. Prepare for more nasty surprises and disappointments and for legitimate questions to be stonewalled. It is the committee's emerging shameful MO.


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