Foley Hits Back at Democrats’ Accusations of Campaign Malpractice

Gubernatorial hopeful denies exceeding campaign spending caps.

Tom Foley, screenshot from Tom Foley for Governor website
Tom Foley, screenshot from Tom Foley for Governor website

The gubernatorial race is heating up, even though elections aren’t til November. On the same day Tom Foley released his first campaign ad in the GOP primary race for governor, The Democratic State Central Committee accused Foley of breaking campaign regulations.

The State Elections Enforcement Commission (SEEC) sets limits on spending for publicly-funded candidates for governor. Campaign expenditures are capped at $250,000, or $270,000 including personal funds, the Connecticut News reports.

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In a six-page complaint filed Monday the Democrats claim that Foley’s campaign didn’t have the funds for the ad buy, the Connecticut Mirror reports. Foley’s financial reports show no outgoing costs to Doug McAuliffe Creative + Strategic, who produced the ad.

“We know Tom Foley has been cavalier in his fundraising, reckless in his filings, and incompetent in his organizational management, so this blatant campaign finance violation should come as no surprise. He’s trying to circumvent the rules,” state Democratic Party spokesman Devon Puglia said in the statement. “Tom Foley belittled the public finance system when he was a self-funded candidate in 2010. Now, he’s breaking the law – and taxpayer dollars are at stake. With such gross violations, he has shown he is unfit to be governor.”

Foley’s campaign staff replied via a statement on the campaign’s website. “We are confident we have been and remain compliant with the SEEC rules and regulations,” it reads.

“The filing by the Democratic State Central Committee is one more attempt by Governor Malloy and his surrogates to distract attention from the woeful record Malloy has compiled as governor — a record that includes one of the worst job recovery rates of any state in the nation, spending that remains out of control despite a record-setting tax hike of $1.5 billion, a CNBC ranking as the fifth worst state for doing business in the country, the highest debt per capita in the nation, and a looming billion dollar state budget deficit.”

Read the full story at The Connecticut News.

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Kevin July 09, 2014 at 09:21 PM
Malloy is an obstacle.An obstacle to this once great state becoming great again,and who needs to be removed from office in the next election. Now,if we could only get rid of the other obstacle in the White House. Mark,are you some sort of Occupy Wall Street type? Judging from previous posts,I am surprised.
Kevin July 10, 2014 at 06:31 AM
Dan,it tells me all I need to know about your level of intelligence,if you actually think this state ,and this country are being run properly.How any sane,rational adult could think that,is amazing.I have to assume you are not a sane rational adult. You are a liberal.Nuff said.
Kevin July 10, 2014 at 03:16 PM
"dan",changed his sign in name to PO'G. How lame.
Thomas Paine July 10, 2014 at 03:40 PM
Dan = PO'G = Newtown Troll and it not worth the time....


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