Election Day 2012: Guilford, State Senate Candidates Spotted at Polls [Update: 7:45 PM]

Where to vote, the list of candidates, and how the town voted in past elections. Check back mid-day for updates from the polling stations.

Good morning, and welcome to Election Day 2012!

Voting Wrapping up in Guilford [Update 7:45]

We are winding down on Election day for the rush to the polls, and gearing up for results! Guilford Patch stopped in at A.W. Cox (District 5) around 7 PM, and the parking lot was relatively empty. One of the volunteers who we saw earlier stated that the steady stream of voters had continued into the afternoon.

With just minutes left at the polls, Guilford Patch is stationed at the Town Hall for results. Stay tuned and keep an eye out for our Breaking News report on Guilford results!

All Polling Places Reporting Steady Voter Traffic [Update 4:30]

Calvin Leete (District 1), Guilford Patch's last stop, reports that they've been steadily busy throughout the day. So far, they've collected about 1500 ballots.

Cindy Cartier, 12th District Senatorial candidate was outside Calvin Leete with supporters.

Steve McGuire, member of the Guilford Democratic Town Committee was outside Leete with signs of support for the second time today. "I had another shift this morning from 6 AM to 8:30," shared McGuire. "Tonight, for the results, I'll be at the Democratic Heaquarters in town. I'll be celebrating, I hope, but maybe I'll be there offering consulation. But hopefully, celebrating!"

State Senate Candidates Spotted at Polls Today [Update 4 PM]

Both Ed Meyer and Cindy Cartier both were spotted at the polls today in Guilford. Around 1 PM, Ed Meyer was outside of A.W. Cox Elementary. "Only 7 1/2 more hours to go," he shared excitedly. Cindy Cartier, was seen outside Calvin Leete School. "I feel good," Cartier shared. Both spoke with residents as they made their way into the polls.

Strong Turnout in Guilford continues into the Afternoon [Update 3 PM]

After visiting two more polling stations, Melissa Jones (District 4) and Baldwin Middle School (District 2) reports continue that voter turnout is very strong this year at the polling stations in Guilford.

After packing up a bag of ballots,  Anis Homer, Moderator at Melissa Jones, said that they've had a "Great Turnout" today. "We've collected 1,397 ballots so far."

Moderator Natalie Feingold, over at Baldwin Middle School expressed similar jubilation in the high number of voters. "I've been pleasantly surprised by the high volume today," said Feingold. "We had a line at 6 AM when we opened up, and so far we've collected 1,561 votes, about half of the registered votes in the district. That's not even including the absentee ballots we're counting up."

Natalie was also excited about who was voting as well. "There's been a diverse group of folks here," said Natalie. "I'm seeing older folks, younger adults, families with kids, I think everyone is out today. That makes me happy because whatever the vote turns out, at least people will know they participated, and their voice was heard."

As to the strength of a Guilford Residents vote: "You can't win, unless you win Guilford," said Feingold.

At Melissa Jones, greeter and Guilford resident Julie Etes chatted with Guilford Patch. "I voted earlier today," said Etes. "That was the first time I've stood in line to vote in many years. At least the longest I've waited compared to the last two presidential elections."

Guilford Patch asked Julie why she thought this year was bringing in so many voters. "The economy affects everyone, and I think people are realizing that they need to have their voice heard in order to change how our economy works."

Even some of the candidates are out at the poles today. Ed Meyer was spotted earlier at A.W. Cox, and for him today, it's a family affair. Guilford Patch found one of his sons, Andrew Meyer, over at Melissa Jones. "I came up here to support my dad," said Andrew. "Each one of us, my brothers and I, are at a polling station spreading the word."

Good Turnout So Far In Guilford [Update: 1:00PM]

After checking in at two of the five polling stations here in Guilford, the word is that so far, there has been a strong turnout of voters.

Both A.W. Cox Elementary (District 5) and Fire Department Headquarters (District 3) reporting they've been very busy throughout the morning hours.

So far, A.W. Cox has collected 1,293 ballots. "This is one of the best turnouts I've seen," said Joan Shrewbury, who is stationed at A.W. Cox. "And I've been doing this for about 25 years now." When I stopped in around 12:30, they were seeing their first lull of the day.

The Fire Headquarters reported the same strong turnout, and there was a line around 1:00 to check in to vote.

District 12 Senate Candidate Ed Meyer was spotted outside of the polls at A.W. Cox.

Original Story

Today, Guilford residents go to the polls to choose a president, a U.S. Senator, a U.S. Representative from the 3rd Congregational District, a state Senator from the 12th District and a state Representative from the 86th and 98th District.

See below for information on where to go to cast your ballot and the list of candidates. We've also included how Guilford voted in 2008, the year of the last presidential election, and in 2010, the last mid-term election.

Read it over, then visit your local polling station between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. to make your voice heard! And be sure to check back with Patch for updates throughout the day, including the announcement of the winners as soon as votes are tallied.

Guilford Polling Stations

2012 Candidates


  • Obama-Biden (D)
  • Romney-Ryan (R)
  • Anderson-Rodriguez (I)
  • Johnson and Gray (L)

U.S. Senator

Representative in Congress, 3rd District

  • Rosa DeLauro (D)
  • Wayne Winsley (R)

State Senator, 12th District

State Representative (98th District)

  • Patricia Widlitz (D)

State Representative (86th District)

  • Vincent Candelora (R)


How Guilford Voted in 2008 (84.05% Turnout)

(D=Democrat; R=Republican; G=Green; I=Independent; WF=Working Families; CL=Connecticut for Lieberman)


  • Obama-Biden (D) — 8,134 votes
  • McCain-Palin (R) — 5,073 votes
  • Nader-Gonzalez (I) — 123 votes


  • Rosa DeLauro (D) — 8,599 votes
  • Rosa DeLauro (WF) — 670 votes
  • Bo Itshaky (R) — 3,037 votes


  • Ed Meyer (D) — 7,695 votes
  • Ryan Suerth(R) — 4,762 votes


  • Patricia Widlitz (D) — 7,473 votes


  • Deborah Heinrich (D) — 1,764 votes
  • Jeanne Stevens (R) — 919 votes

How Guilford Voted in 2010 (66.51% Turnout)

(D=Democrat; R=Republican; G=Green; I=Independent; WF=Working Families; CL=Connecticut for Lieberman; SA=Socialist Action)


  • Blumenthal (D) — 5,756 votes
  • Blumenthal (WF) — 197 votes
  • McMahon (R) — 4,148 votes


  • Rosa DeLauro (D) — 6,225 votes
  • Rosa DeLauro (WF) — 238 votes
  • Jerry Labriola (R) — 3,647 votes
  • Charles Pillsbury (G)— 104 votes


  • Ed Meyer (D) — 5,725 votes
  • Lisa Davenport (R) — 4,425 votes


  • Patricia Widlitz (D) — 4,436 votes
  • Cindy Cartier (R) — 3,593 votes


  • Deborah Heinrich (D) — 1,267 votes
  • J. Scott Scherban (R) — 859 votes



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