Cashman Forced to Close Hardware Store

Not being able to operate his 25-year old farm, a lawsuit with the town, and all the associated financial struggles has left Jeff Cashman no choice but to close his retail store.


Jeff Cashman, business owner and Clinton resident, has been in a year-long struggle with the town over the zoning and operation of his farm.

Due to the financial hardship of the lawsuit, attorney's fees and lack of business revenue, he has been forced to close his retail store, Cashman Tool & Hardware.

"I've lost the financing for the store," said Cashman in a call to the Clinton Patch. "It's that bad. I have no working capital anymore."

Cashman, who has owned the store on West Main Street for nine years, said the massive financial burden of the lawsuit has forced his mortgage company to inform him that he's lost the financing for the retail store.

Cashman says he has suffered financial problems due to the fact that the town will not allow him to operate his 25-year old farm, Sprucey Hill Farm on River Road.

"This is a farm that has operated for 25 years," said Cashman. "I have the documents, the zoning permit, the everything to prove it.  How can this happen? How far do I go to survive and protect my farm and business?"

Cashman says that despite hiring attorneys and talking to town officials, "no one is listening or helping."

He also says the town has spent "$4,000 in legal fees over a $10 permit."

"This year has been torture for me and my family," he said. 

Alan Anderson March 30, 2013 at 06:09 PM
Thank you Mr. Anderson. I have heard of another Alan Anderson in town and I am sorry for this confusion and any trouble this has caused fo you.
Ray Moriarty March 31, 2013 at 01:38 PM
Yea! Thank you for put it so eloquintly Mr. Sullivan: "Imagine a world where my personal opinion requires your assurances or validation." Next, as with most bullies, you will get a tyrant of name calling and personal insults. We got your back, Brad.
VIN CIMINO April 01, 2013 at 06:23 PM
Brad, I did not say that anyone would be disappointed with you not being on the Board of Finance anymore. To the contrary, I said that it was a very good decision and that I haven't heard a single person express any disappointment with your decision. I'm sorry you don't consider me to be a reasonable person, since I always explain my position. Clinton belongs to its residents. In this case, I don't think that spending the town's money on legal fees and forcing Jeff to close his business and hire an attorney is what the residents want. I think that the community is very upset about this and I'm glad Patch provided the information. I understand that you'd never allow your clients to post anything on social media, but Jeff made it clear that he has nothing to hide and wants the community to be aware of his plight. Who would fault him for that.? I don't know where the "proverbial table" exists in your mind, but I will tell you that Clinton has a town meeting form of government. By virtue of Clinton's town meeting form of government, every resident of Clinton has a voice in identifying and trying to solve Clinton's problems. The objections that you saw were from the community, when it did not support unreasonable proposed budgets. Yes, I publicly opposed those budgets, which is my right, and the residents defeated those budgets, which was their right. And, you've decided not to run again, which is your right.
VIN CIMINO April 03, 2013 at 10:27 AM
With the introduction of Patch's new appearance, it seems that many public comments are now unavailable for viewing. More than 100 of the original 130 comments on this article are no longer visible. Can they be retrieved by interested readers?
J.D Clampett June 17, 2013 at 12:12 AM
First off I would like to say that good fences do not make good neighbors. Fences block partial views but not noise or smells. I have a neighbor with a rooster that screams like its being murdered just about every 20 seconds for about 18 hours a day. 1 rooster thats it. Forget quiet times in our yard, forget sleeping with windows open, we have to run fans for white noise just to sleep. Zoning says "um you all live in a rural area and even a residential area is allowed 5 chickens. So they basically laugh at the mere suggestion of a complaint while our home life is altered completely by this rude neighbor. I could imagine having to try to sell my house. Its worst than a barking dog. At least the dog will sleep at some point. And zoning will actually do something about a dog. I feel for the neighbor and as far as the hardware store goes, Im sure the new Stewards Ace Hardware super store a 1/2 mile away did not help your profits and your facing the same fate as Clinton Grain store did. You just cant make a living selling bags of first run mulch while its free for the taking at any town landfill thats grinding wood. Get rid of your mulch pile and move yer dang cows out back, give the lady next door some quality of life or buy her house for fair market value, use her land and rent the house out to some chicky babe with a horse who just loves the sweet smell of horse poo for the amount of the mortgage payment.... Problem Solved. Next? Next case please. Step up don't be shy.


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