Candidates For State Representative Talk About 'The Top Three Issues' Facing the District

Candidates John Samperi (R) and Tom Vicino (D), who face off for the office of state representative in the 35th assembly district November 6, give voters insight into the issues.


Patch asked the two candidates for state representative in the 35th district (Clinton, Killingworth and a portion of Westbrook) what they believe are the top three issues facing the district and a general overview of their plans to address those issues.

In alphabetical order, here are their responses:

John Samperi (R)

My first and most important issue in running for the 35th District House of Representatives is to restore some common sense principles in Hartford.  Don’t spend more money than you have, if it is not broken-don’t fix it, and if it is not working-get rid of it. There is too much nonsense and pandering going on in this State.  The current administration is creating ways to spend money that caters to special interest groups and that needs to come to a halt.  When a bill is placed before me, my first thought will be, “does it make sense-does it help the people of Connecticut and will it raise taxes."

Going along this line, I want to stop wasteful spending and treating the revenue coming in like it is the government’s money and not the ‘people’s’ money.  If I looked at every dollar coming in as one that was earned on the back of a laborer with a family to feed, I would be more careful how it got spent.  The current administration is handing out money like candy on Halloween!  Case in point, building the bus way from New Britain to Hartford at a cost of $600 million dollars.  Everyday you can look in the newspapers and see where the Malloy administration is handing out our hard earned tax dollars at will with no thought to where that money came from and what it takes to earn a dollar.  Under many years of a democratically controlled house and senate, we have seen the State go deeper and deeper into a deficit putting a huge burden on future generations.  This also keeps us business unfriendly. No one wants to come to Connecticut to pay more in taxes, food, housing, gas, etc!!

On that line, my last issue of major concern in the job market in Connecticut.  We have been labeled as the most business unfriendly state in the country.  We have seen no job growth in at least 20 years.  Businesses are fleeing the state along with the residents.  The regulations on businesses are destroying their incentive to stay here. I would like to get rid of a lot of the burdensome regulations and taxation and make this a great place to do business.  I would like to see small business stay here, manufacturing want to be here, and laborers be able to afford to raise their families here.  Connecticut is a beautiful state with good people. We cannot let it be destroyed with a lack of common sense leadership in Hartford.  We need a balance of power in this state.  Right now, the democrats have the house, the senate and the governorship.  They can do whatever they want with YOUR money.  That needs to stop!

Please vote for me…a common sense, fiscally responsible Republican who will help restore balance in Hartford.


Tom Vicino (D)

Thomas Vicino, a Clinton selectman running for state representative in the 35th House District, outlined his platform for the most important issues in the Nov. 6 election: Creating more jobs, continuing education reform and increasing state aid for small towns while keeping taxes in check.

“Creating jobs by expanding manufacturing, construction, life sciences, green energy and health information technology should be one of our highest priorities,” Vicino said. “One of the best ways to create jobs is to make more grants available to small businesses to hire and train veterans and others who are unemployed. While offering some infusion of money into local businesses, we will create jobs and help get people back to work, while also developing business and getting the Connecticut economy back on track,” he added.

“We also need to expand our efforts to reform Connecticut’s education system by making sure that pre-school programs are funded and that teachers have the tools they need in their classrooms,” Vicino said.

“Finally, we need to get our state back on solid financial footing by eliminating waste in government, stressing efficiency and adopting results-based accountability. By doing these things, we will be able to provide more aid to small towns and keep taxes down. It will also allow us to better promote tourism – a $12 billion a year industry – and protect our natural resources,” Vicino said.

“If we can accomplish these goals, all of our citizens, including our most vulnerable and financially strapped families and businesses, will be able to prosper,” Vicino said.

VIN CIMINO November 02, 2012 at 12:33 PM
It's clearly two completely different philosophies; Mr. Vicino talks about state aid, state grants, infusion of money by the state and state funding for programs, which amounts to the state spending more money, which leads to even greater state budget deficits and requires even higher state taxes. Mr. Samperi promises closer scrutiny of any proposed expenditure and cutting wasteful spending. I agree with Mr. Samperi that the $600 million busway from Hartford to New Britain is far too costly and doesn't make financial sense and there are countless other examples of wasteful spending by the current administration in Hartford. It's not working. It's just raising taxes and driving the state further into debt. I believe the choice is very, very clear. We must elect John Samperi and restore some common sense in Hartford.
Bruce Farmer November 02, 2012 at 08:36 PM
During the last debate at Morgan, Mr Vicino made it clear that he fully intended to follow the footsteps of Jim Crawford if he is elected and in my opinion,he has no real plan for jobs or growing our district's economy or he would have mentioned one during the debate. Mr. Crawford's voting record to date has not been in favor of our district's residents or businesses,especially small businesses. I believe Tom Vicino is a nice guy but he does not have the vision or background to move our district forward. We need jobs,incentives and tax breaks for businesses so we can increase revenues and we need to cut wasteful spending with money we don't have.
Clintonian November 02, 2012 at 10:01 PM
THIS IS NOT COMMON SENSE: THIS IS THE REAL JOHN SAMPERI: http://postroad.com/news/2001/20010523.west.haven.fire.allingtown.sparks.fly.html Samperi, who is white, acknowledged using "every n-word I could think of" during a heated, closed-door meeting last week with Haley, who is black. Samperi said he was furious because he believes Haley went back on an agreement to hire another man for the post. "This black guy will never be chief," Samperi shouted at Haley. "I don't like gays and lesbians, but I don't push that agenda. But if a gay chief who was qualified came in I would easily give him the job."
Jay November 03, 2012 at 10:30 AM
On the principals I agree - On the candidates - No. Your man has no history of successful political activity and a history of unnecessary and embarrassing public histronics that portents noise and no substance. Vicino has a real history of a successful local business development and as a representative of the people in a variety of public roles. Hartford would just ignore Samperi.
Bruce Farmer November 03, 2012 at 04:00 PM
Vicino has NO history of any business development nor does he have any idea how to create jobs, improve the economy or provide incentives or tax breaks to businesses in our district. It's great that Mr.Vicino has served on the BOS,several boards and commissions and committees BUT if you check the FACTS (and you can),he has NOT put forth even one original idea to help anybody - residents or businesses in our district. He simply has no ideas or a sound plan. John Samperi HAS a solid plan in writing for jobs , the economy, tax breaks for our citizens and businesses and increasing revenues. THe recent historic $1.8 billion tax hike on our businesses and families IS evidence that Hartford is not working in our interests and Ct. is STILL operating in major deficit. Ct. is ranked among the worst of the worst for business, managing our finances and balancing it's obligations against revenue. We do NOT want or need more of the same.
Jay November 03, 2012 at 05:48 PM
Get it straight - the most obvious - Superior Auto in Westbrook on the Post Road- a large modern immaculate operation - employes 8 full time - Built from a garage operation over 25 years by Tom What business has Samperi created and operated ?
Bruce Farmer November 04, 2012 at 02:57 AM
John Samperi has been in the heating, plumbing and air conditioning business for over 40 years and has owned his current heating and air conditioning company for 20 years. He has been involved in politics for 25 years, Vice Chair of the RTC, former councilman, fire commissioner and an active member of the Farm Bureau. He has knocked on over 3,000 doors in his district - how many doors did Mr. Vicino knock on. John cares about our district - he has a plan for jobs and the economy and Tom does NOT or he would have said what it was in the last debate but he DID say he would follow in the foot steps of Mr. Crawford - who do date has NOT voted in favor of our district's residents or businesses - check the facts. Once again - you can choose to ignore the facts but they do NOT cease to exist !! John Samperi gets my vote !!


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