Teens Charged in Clinton Burglary Seek to Have Charges Dropped

A pair of 18-year-old Durham residents are seeking a probation program that could result in an elimination of criminal charges in connection with an Aug. 24 car break-in in Clinton.


The two Durham teenagers arrested in August on charges of breaking into cars in Clinton are seeking to have their charges dismissed, according to court files.

Attorneys representing Calvin Alderete and Kevin Ruffino-Smith filed applications for accelerated rehabilitation (AR) on Sept. 20 in Middlesex Superior Court.     

Both 18-year-olds are facing misdemeanor burglary and larceny charges after police said they were caught breaking into cars and stealing belongings near Beach Park Road in Clinton on Aug. 24.

If a judge grants the AR requests, Alderete and Ruffino-Smith would enter a two-year probationary program. After a defendant successfully completes an AR program then the court would drop the charges.

Alderete and Ruffino-Smith are due back in court on Oct. 25 for another hearing. It’s unclear whether their application will be granted at that time, since a background check has to be completed prior to the application being approved.

According to court files, evidence seized in the case — a GPS and some other personal items taken from the cars — will be returned to its owners.

Alderete and Ruffino-Smith are free on $2,500 and $500 bonds repectively.

lori October 05, 2012 at 12:58 PM
They are 18. They are adults. They should know right from wrong by now. They should not be granted any leighway. They chose to do the crime and they need to be held to the consiquences. Stealing someone's GPS could lead to a later home invasion and people being injured or even killed. What kind of person walks up to a car and says look stuff that doesn't belong to me and then decides to take it. ( a person that belongs in jail, that's who )
Tom Riccio October 05, 2012 at 03:23 PM
Give them a choice, jail time or service in the Army in Afghanistan. Oh wait, the Army doesn't accept thieves. Lock 'em up.
John Lasarte October 06, 2012 at 01:58 AM
Lock them up, but offer a decreased sentence if they go to local high and middle schools to talk about their wayward ways...too many kids get away with crime for being 'kids', it is time to learn about consequences.


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