Police Uncover Alleged Prostitution Ring At Post Office Square Business

There had been many complaints by neighboring business owners of the "888 Massage" or "Jade Massage Therapy" business.

A press release from the Clinton Police Department:

The along with members of the Connecticut State Police conducted a six-month investigation into an alleged prostitution operation in Clinton.

The investigation resulted in the execution of a search warrant at the business known as "Jade Massage Therapy" at 3 Post Office Square. The business is also known as "888 Massage." Police said they received numerous complaints from citizens reporting male clients who were patronizing the business were engaging in sex with the female employees inside the business. The business was advertised on the internet and on signage in town.

During the investigation, which included surveillance and working with cooperating witnesses, it was determined most of the clients were adult males from out of town and virtually all were allegedly engaged in the illicit activity.

Police also determined that the employees who worked at the business did not have a Connecticut Massage license.  The employees and the owner were identified and all are all from New York. The owner, Yujing Hou, also known as “Anna” of Flushing, New York, does have a Connecticut Massage license but is not at the business on a regular basis.

Police were able to obtain a search and seizure warrant for the business. The search warrant was executed and police seized evidence from the business to include business records, notes, lotions, oils, advertising and computers. Police also seized an internal surveillance system which could be recorded and or accessed remotely by the business owner. Police also determined that this business is associated with other similar type businesses in Connecticut and the Tri-state area.

Police arrested an employee, Yan Qin, also known as “Connie” and charged her with Prostitution 53a-182. It was determined that Qin, 39, of Flushing, New York, has a previous arrest in 2011 in New York for prostitution. She is not a licensed massage therapist.

Qin is scheduled to appear in Middletown Superior court on March 20.

The Clinton Department of Zoning and the Connecticut River Area Health district are also investigating. The case remains open and police expect to make more arrests.

---- end of press release

Bradford Sullivan, who operates the located at 4 Post Office Square directly across the street from the business, said, "I am glad it's closed. It was a black eye on the community and our businesses in this area."

Vindaloo December 13, 2012 at 09:06 PM
I'd like to update all about the new Asian "therapeutic" massage parlor going in at 1 East Main Street. Serendipity Massage is going in at the location of the former Clinton Music Center. Different owners than Jade. Right on the corner in the center of our town...across from the post office. I think it's time for a town meeting on this issue. This kind of business should not be allowed in our town center but in less obvious places. I believe the zoning regs spell that out, but need to be enforced. Even if it is a legit massage, there are reviews about them throughout the state that show that all customers are men looking for the same thing. Is this what we want to attract to our town center? Is this what we want spotlighted as our business model in Clinton? What a shame the landlord lacks such respect for his fellow citizens and small businesses. I ask that this community comes together to ask our officials to uphold or change the regs so that our community can be protected from further humiliation. It's not so much what goes on in there, it's what it looks like goes on in there and the reason for most of it's customers visits to town that should be considered. They should be required to move.
Victor Hugo December 20, 2012 at 01:27 AM
Presumptive and racist
Vindaloo December 20, 2012 at 02:08 AM
I am neither...How dare you. I care about this community, obviously more than you do, and I have been experiencing these people for years now. Honestly, I thought people would care. I never thought such a senseless comment would be made. No wonder this town sucks. I give up. Good luck. Have fun in there.
VIN CIMINO December 20, 2012 at 03:14 AM
After the entire Jade episode, Catherine certainly can't be criticized for expressing concern. The town joins her in feeling that a Jade type enterprise doesn't belong in the center of town or anywhere else in Clinton, for that matter. I'm sure the police will closely scrutinize the operation of Serendipity Massage. I agree with Catherine that our zoning regulations should be reviewed periodically and updated to address community concerns as needed. We finally have a brand new chairman of Planning & Zoning, Anselmo Delia, and a new Vice-chairman, Alan Kravitz. I know that they intend to review the zoning regulations and assemble a town plan for the future. I suggest that all concerns be brought to their attention at their monthly meetings.
Vindaloo December 20, 2012 at 04:13 AM
Thank you, Vince, for your greatly appreciated support. I am depending on the rest of the community to feel th same way.


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