Sengle: "Who Takes Economic Development Seriously?"

"We all know what the informal definition of idiocy is – “doing the same things and expecting things to change.”


This letter is written by Philip Sengle:

I continue to be very concerned about the lack of focus on economic development in Clinton while we continue to commit to large amounts of spending that better be supported by a growing tax base, which currently does not exist in Clinton.  On January 30 I attended a Board of Selectmen (BOS) work shop on the FY 2013/2014 town budget.  I was dismayed with what I heard regarding the Economic Development Commission (EDC) and wrote the following letter to the BOS the very next day (Jan. 31).

“Last night (Jan. 30) Mr. Vicino (EDC Chairman) presented an EDC budget proposal to the BOS.  I am supportive of activating the moribund EDC and funding it appropriately.   What little has been done to date represents what I would call “small ideas” and tiny “incrementalism.”  We need big ideas, aggressive action and professionalism.  Of course this cannot happen overnight, but we should start.  A trip “of 1,000 miles begins with the first step.”

I’ve been thinking about this for a while so I did an informal and superficial survey of what surrounding towns are doing for Economic Development.  It is surprising what can be done with professional leadership and modest funding.  See the survey below.  I sent this survey to some members of EDC, but received no response, which validates my opinion of EDC.  I’m hoping the BOS will jump on this as our grand list needs to grow.  We must not continue to rely solely on volunteers in this important and complex area of development.

As part of my survey I did place a few phone calls.  One was to the Guilford EDC Coordinator who spent 45 minutes with me explaining about 15 projects he had started or was involved in.  I was stunned by their simplicity, effectiveness and his enthusiasm.  I could not help but think, why isn’t Clinton doing these obvious things?  He proudly stated “I am Guilford’s salesman.”  This gentleman is a retired corporate executive who works 20-24 hours a week for a bargain rate considering his experience and energy.  I would be happy to tell you more at a meeting or individually.  He also offered to come here and give us an overview of his efforts.

With budgets on your mind, we should hire a similar person with real credentials in this area who is a self-starter.  The payback could be enormous.  Some towns use their town planner as their EDC Coordinator, which is an idea we should consider.  Of course we don’t have a town planner.  I am sure about one proposal made at last night’s workshop - we should not hire the current EDC Clerk as our consultant who I believe to be an employee of and campaign treasurer for Mr. Vicino and who may have no relevant experience in this area.  This is cronyism that leads us nowhere and is a waste of our time and tax money.  (Even worse it discourages volunteers from participating in committees, commissions and boards that are poorly led.)  It is time to get serious about economic development.”  (End of Letter).

On Jan. 30 Mr. Vicino asked for a budget of $20,419 in FY 2013/2014, up from a budget of $4,350 in the current year.  In most cases I would jump for joy, but knowing the EDC is dysfunctional and that he plans on hiring his employee and campaign treasurer, regardless of qualifications, as noted above, I was appalled to say the least.  I have to conclude that the only way the EDC will become functional and cronyism is eliminated, is to install a new chairman of EDC.  We all know what the informal definition of idiocy is – “doing the same things and expecting things to change.”  In a following workshop the BOS did reduce the EDC request to $7,400.  While stopping the potential waste of some tax money, it did nothing to make the EDC functional and promote development in Clinton.

My survey follows:

Below is what surrounding towns are doing found by a cursory review of town web sites, posted budgets and a few telephone conversations.

EDC Surrounding Town Survey


Budget $37,000, asking for $43,000

Have paid Part time Economic Development Coordinator

Professional Economic Development Plan on Web Site

Strong EDC Web Site


Budget $8,350.

No paid person.

Has EDC web site


Budget $4,694, asking for $5,194.

Uses Town Planner for EDC work.

Old Saybrook

Budget $28,000.

Have paid part time Economic Development Coordinator

Link on town site refers to CT Economic Resource Center web site.


Budget $11,150 (not including person below)

Have full time Special Projects Manager & EDC Coordinator in Selectman’s Office.

Has good EDC Web Site.


No budget for professional help.

No web site.

No coordinator.

No functioning EDC.

The towns with web sites include important information about their town, including available land and buildings and who to contact to assist them through the process.  Clinton has no such person.

-- Phil Sengle

Leah Saunders February 13, 2013 at 11:57 AM
We may need a new chairman, but we also need everyone on the committee to step down and let some new blood in...people who actually one...want to attend and hold meetings and two...want progress! It's a waste of everyone's time to hold meetings where people can't and won't work together. It's unproductive and doesn't help us. I've been interested in getting involved with EDC for over a year...waiting patiently for an opening. I have the energy and am willing to work towards progress. It's more than I can say for 95% of the people on the committee now.
Jay February 13, 2013 at 01:16 PM
As said " a cursory review " of economic development efforts in other towns. Bottom line - How much extra tax dollars has any of these efforts brought to their towns. Simple enough " Where is the Beef?" EDC efforts all involve grandiose promises , the hiring of high prices salesmen , meetings and staged photos iin local newspapers of paper shuffling EDC members. What is not shown is the almost total failure to produce tax $$$'s that even begin to pay for the hype. Look at the state's efforts to balance it's budget by spending tax $$'s on tourism. They spent millions on advertising - "Still Revolutionary" . Any evidence that effort produced a profit? Profit is the goal and realistically Ct is not a place to make it.
Vindaloo February 13, 2013 at 01:16 PM
The EDC voted in June to hire a part time consultant at $12/hr 10 hrs/week. Don't know if they followed through. We also need a gis mapping data system. People in this town do too much talking, not enough acting. Wastes a lot of time.
Phil Sengle February 14, 2013 at 02:24 AM
We need to hire a professional who has the requisite qualifications and experience. That will cost more than $12/hr. That's what you pay a part timer who has only basic job skills. "You get what you pay for". Let's not waste any more time on an unserious effort.
Bruce Farmer February 16, 2013 at 09:48 PM
We really need to form a new EDC "ASAP" !! With folks that have the "fire in their bellies" and background to make things happen !! We need a team who can create a plan which actually works and on a much larger scale for the town as a whole. We need to seek the advice and council of a successful team. It should consist of folks who have the ability to write grants, financial experts , architects, developers and other business professionals - ( those who have the track record ) who can get through the red tape and be able to work with the various state agencies in CT. to make Clinton all it can be.


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