School's Out

Time to figure out what to do before summer passes by.

Another school year has come to an end.  It is bitter sweet because on the one hand it’s nice to not have to pack lunches and remember homework.  But on the other hand it’s sad that the kids are done with yet another year of school. 

My son, Michael, is happy not to have to go to school, but he doesn’t want to be another grade level older.  It’s strange, but at his young age, I think he realizes just how fast life passes.  He gets it.  I certainly didn’t “get it” till I became a parent.  I always wanted to be older.  I don’t think that feeling changed until I was about 21! 

My daughter, Charlotte, is very sad about the ending of school.  If it were up to her she would go to school everyday.  We passed by the school on their first day off and I jokingly asked who wanted to be dropped off at school.  Charlotte immediately offered to go back.  I hope she always feels that way! 

I never felt the way that my kids feel about school.  Sure I liked school, but I was always happy to have summer come.  I enjoyed what felt like an endless summer.  To me, summer felt like a whole year and by the end of it I was ready to start another school year. 

Nowadays summer seems to fly by.  I look at the calendar and see all the mark ups on it.  With vacations planned and camp set, there doesn’t seem to be much left of summer.  I am looking forward to some unplanned days that are sadly few and far between on my calendar! 

It’s not just a full calendar that speeds up time, but it’s also retail stores and magazines.  Summer just started this past Tuesday, yet that very day we got a Lands End catalog for school clothes.  Michael saw it and said, “The person that sent this must not like kids!”  I concur!  I just got an email about “Summer Clearance” and “Fall Preview” at Oshkosh. Why does the beginning of a season also mark the end of it? 

I know when this summer ends I will be surprised by just how fast it went.  But just think, by the time winter rolls around we can buy our bathing suits for the summer!


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