Potesak, Jr.: "I Know What It's Like To Be In The Current Morgan School"

"Voters, I am asking you to stop thinking about yourself and look at the future of this town."


This letter is written by Sheldon Potesak:

My 9 year old sister and I were walking in the Morgan hallway before her dance recital, as we were walking a piece of the ceiling fell on her head and she started crying. She looked up at me shedding tears and asked me, "Sheldon I don’t want to go to this school it's too old."  Since that day it's been my job to make sure we get new school.

I am 20 years old and will never get a chance to use this new high school. My friends are asking me why do I support a new high school? First reason is because of my 9 year old sister.

Clinton needs to attract a new wave of teachers. From 1st grade to 12th grade I can honestly say from every teacher I had, there were about 5 credible teachers that actually knew how to teach and those teachers know who they are. We need Clinton to have a new high school where credible teachers will want to go.

Better public school education is key to success. The technology in Morgan is some-what comparable to my grandfather's house. Laptops barely work, no Wi-Fi, computers are out dated, there are not enough computers, etc. For example Branford schools have Ipads for their students. It would be oxymoron to have Ipads for students with pieces of the ceiling falling on students' heads. With a new school comes a new breed of students, technology, teachers and great atmosphere.

I do understand with every positive there is a negative. I do understand about the taxes and mill rates of the town. People may move out of town or move in with this new high school. But I am asking parents and voters to look at this issue from a bigger perspective. Voters must see that yes, taxes may go up, but look at future generations. I am scared that my sister and her generation may not get the education they deserve.

Voters, I am asking you to stop thinking about yourself and look at the future of this town and the current young students in Clinton Public Education.

Since I heard voting was taking place for this issue I've been trying my best to support it. Being 20 years old as a registered college voter people think you may not know enough about the issue but I certainly do. I've been supporting through Facebook, Twitter, Clinton Patch, etc. I even helped to register voters in my age group no matter what side of the issue they were on. I know my parents are the ones paying the taxes and have to deal with the bigger issues. But I was a recent former student and know what it is actually like to be in the current Morgan. I have talked to many recent alumni and current students, most have stated we need a new school and I agree.  I wasn’t going to write this letter but after getting phone calls from a few former teachers asking me to write, I decided it was time for the young generation to act on this issue!

So please when voting, remember there's more to it then just taxes, accreditation, property values, etc. Voters must realize there's a generation that needs your help that is too young to vote. With your help we can make great changes to Clinton and watch this town transform into even a better community over the years!

-Sheldon Potesak, Jr.

Ryan April 11, 2012 at 09:33 PM
Sheldon, teachers do not just get to "pick" where they want to work, I wish they could but they can't. It can take years for positions to open up that a teacher is interested in.
Sheldon Potesak jr. April 11, 2012 at 09:36 PM
No, I understand that. I am saying if there ever was a scenario where a teacher could pick from a list of schools, would Morgan School be an attractable name on that list?
Ryan April 11, 2012 at 10:15 PM
Not as attractive as a new state of the art facility absolutely not. But I would not consider it unattractive. Listen, I am all about a new school, I just think we need a better town-wide plan.
MRH - Class of 2008 April 11, 2012 at 10:24 PM
1 of 2 was a study hall...regardless the policy was not enforced and that's just the tip of the iceberg. If teacher don't care about their class even showing up, how are they going to care to teach you when you are there. You think I don't deserve a say in an Issue because I skipped a few classes in high school? If you don't think i was considered a REAL student... and that my opinion doesn't matter cause of choices i made as a teenager, than your as shallow as they come. Good teachers takes into account their workplace, area, and demographic they would be teaching for. so i have to disagree that a good teacher will teach anywhere. A new Morgan will attract More teachers to WANT to teach there and will boost morale for current teachers and students...If students morale was diminished by the fact that their school isn't up to today's standards that would greatly decrease the potential of teachers. Teacher morale is usually a reflection of student morale.
Jim Braun April 20, 2012 at 01:57 AM
No offense to janitors, I was one in the distant past, but if the pinnacle of your professional life is attaining the title of "janitor", would you really be able to properly opine on anything related to education? Seriously Jay, I do not like a lot of your posts, but this one takes the broom. Don't for one second get me wrong here. I really did love my job as a janitor while I was in high school saving for college so I could broaden my horizons. Enough said.


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