Ouellette: "Tom Vicino Has Displayed a Sincere Commitment to Economic Development"

"...and a long-term dedication and support for preserving and protecting the historic and environmental resources of our area."


This letter is written by Lawrence Ouellette, Jr.:

I am writing this letter to voice my support for Tom Vicino. He is running for State Representative to serve the towns of Clinton, Killingworth and Westbrook.

Tom is a long-time Clinton resident. He has two sons attending the Clinton schools, owns and operates a long-standing business in Westbrook, currently serves as Chairman of the Clinton Economic Development Commission, and also as a second term Selectman.

In addition, he has serviced on the Board of Directors for the local Chamber of Commerce.

His work in public service over these many years has displayed a sincere commitment to economic development in the region in order to increase the commercial tax base so as to lessen the residential tax burden.

Finally, and of most importance, I would note that from my own participation on Clinton's Historic District Commission and Clinton's Conservation Commission, that Tom Vicino, in both his words and actions, has displayed a sincere, long-term dedication and support for preserving and protecting the historic and environmental resources of our area so as to ensure that the distinct character and heritage of our communities is preserved and not lost to any future development.

For all these reasons, I wholeheartedly support Tom Vicino for State Representative so that he may carry on with his commitment and hard work for the benefit of all three towns.

-- Lawrence Ouellette, Jr.

(Ouellette is chairman of the Clinton Historic District Commission and is chairman of the Clinton Conservation Commission)

Bruce Farmer October 16, 2012 at 05:08 PM
Tom Vicino is a nice guy but he has no REAL plan for economic development in our district . I know John Samperi and he DOES have a detailed plan. His plan includes reducing taxes and making Ct.business friendly - spend only what we can afford - get rid of gov't. agencies and regs that don't work - adopt and be accountable to the generally accepted accounting principles as our towns and inforce the Constituitional Spending Cap.
Randy Watson October 16, 2012 at 07:04 PM
Hello Patcheads! I agree with Bruce, Tom Vicino is a nice guy. And if being nice was the only prerequisite for holding office, Tom would win hands down. Unfortunately, it takes more than being nice to be an effective leader. It takes a great deal of dedication and self sacrifice. I would also agree with Mr. Ouellette’s assessment that Tom Vicino “has displayed a sincere commitment to economic development in the REGION.” (emphasis added). You’ll notice that Mr. Ouellette, Clinton Democratic Town Committee Chair by the way, didn’t say Clinton. Now, I know Mr. Vicino is not only running here in Bluefish land, so this endorsement must appeal to folks outside of Clinton. However, it is important to note that Mr. Vicino did not ‘develop’ his own economic future in Clinton. Rather, he set up his small business in Westbrook due to the town’s more favorable tax rate. Now I don’t fault Mr. Vicino for wanting to pay lower taxes. On the contrary, anyone who wants to pay higher taxes should have their head examined. So if Mr. Vicino wanted to appeal to the voters in Westbrook, he has succeeded. However, I would bet that the voters of Clinton might have a problem with one of its elected officials setting up shop in a nearby town to avoid the Clinton tax man. Just one man’s opinion. Until next time, Peace- Randy.
Jay October 16, 2012 at 10:16 PM
Not quite. by a longsho. Vicino opened his business in Westbrook over Twenty years ago when taxes in all the towns were low and a decent location was available. A littile over ten years ago he moved to the more prominent present location finally after a series of delays caused by local competitors when taxes were still not an issue but location was. Snide and false remarks do not make your candidate very impressive.
Bruce Farmer October 17, 2012 at 03:31 AM
Stay focused on the REAL issues. John Samperi has a comprehensive plan for our district and Tom Vicino does NOT !! Also it's great to be on so many Boards and Commissioins and Committees BUT what has Tom actually developed or accomplished for our District. Mr. Samperi has accomplished a lot and he has knocked on over 2,000 doors to find out about our residents' concerns and issues not to mention untold meetings in our district,other districts and Hartford. John does and will fight hard for us and that is the difference.
Clintonian October 26, 2012 at 03:58 PM
John Samperi doesn't have anything he can point to in his entire public service history that would convince me he has any clue how to get a piece of legislation through the general assembly. He moved here from West Haven when his political career there sputtered after being impeached from the fire commission. You don't get to represent me just because you prove you can regurgitate the State Republican talking points Mr. Samperi


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