Letter to the Editor: Tom Vicino's Latest Mailer

Twarowski: "Do we need more of the same? I would rather vote for his opponent, John Samperi."


This letter is written by Al Twarowski:

I just received Tom Vicino's latest mailer in which he promised to continue the 35th state representative seat in the tradition of Jim Crawford. That alone is a good reason not to vote for Vicino. 

Crawford, like Vicino, voted for every taxing and spending initiative that came forward.  We do not need more taxes, like the largest tax increase in state history that Mr. Crawford voted for. Our unemployment is greater than 9%.  And Vicino, like Obama, is promising more of the same. Crawford voted for every major spending, tax and mandate initiative. He voted for the largest tax increase in Connecticut history. 

His campaign message is that because he ran his family's motel part time, he knows how to bring jobs to Connecticut. Check out his record:

He voted for two legislations which forced ObamaCare on Connecticut taxpayers. The new laws move Connecticut further away from patient-centered health care reforms that use the power of the marketplace and individual choice to drive down costs and improve quality. 

He voted for Paid Sick Leave Mandate, raising the cost of employment in Connecticut.

He voted for the Malloy Tax Hikes. Though Connecticutís state and local tax burden was already the third highest in the nation, Gov. Dan Malloy's tax increase is the largest in Connecticut history. 

He voted for the First Five program which offers financial incentives to businesses pledging to create 200 new jobs in Connecticut. Since the programís launch in 2011, participants are set to receive up to $315 million. 

He voted for Bioscience Connecticut which set aside $290 million of tax funds for Jackson Laboratory, a Maine-based company that will pursue genome-based medicine at a new facility in Farmington.

He voted for Creative Accounting to Cover Up State Budget Deficits. The historic Malloy tax increase failed to fully close the Fiscal Year 2012 budget deficit, forcing legislators to act in 2012 to re-balance the budget. They increased net General Fund appropriations by $187.5 million and reshuffled spending across numerous spending categories.

He voted for Forced Unionization of family child care providers and personal care attendants.

He voted for Mandated Project Labor Agreements for public constructions projects, though public construction projects are already notorious for the host of rules and regulations that artificially drive up their cost.

Do we need more of the same?  I would rather vote for his opponent, John Samperi. 

-- Al Twarowski

Ed Annino October 24, 2012 at 03:18 PM
I had already planned to vote for Vicino's opponent and after ready this article I believe I'll be voting for Crawford's opponent also. I didn't realize Jim Crawford supported Malloy's ridiculous tax hikes. How much more can we pay in this state. As I've said many times before, when will we get someone in Hartford with the guts to go after the out-of-control spending in this state. I wish I could just add a tax to get more revenue in my household instead of having to cut line items in my budget. What a thought...cut line items in the state budget.
Dave Adametz October 24, 2012 at 04:57 PM
I received this mailing too, and I'm noticing a pattern that comes up again and again. Mr. Vicino is starting to use the sillouette of the state of Connecticut on his logo (it's on his road signs), and although John Samperi has been using the sillouette of the state of Connecticut on his logo long before Mr. Vicino's campaign was ever even recognized by the state, obviously noone has a monopoly on its usage so it's easy to brush off as a frivolous coincidence. Now, after Mr. Samperi has brilliantly led his campaign for months on a platform of common sense leadership and common sense solutions, we see from his opponent's mailing that he has a new campaign slogan of his own- "Real leadership, real solutions". I'm sorry, but this is no longer any coincidence. If Mr. Vicino needs to copy everything Mr. Samperi is doing to get himself elected (he's even putting his signs next to wherever John Samperi's signs are), then this isn't the mark of a leader. This is the mark of a follower. The reason I mention this is because John Samperi's opponent may not actually be a true supporter of the painful tax and spend policies of Mr. Crawford. We see from the meeting minutes that Mr. Vicino's entire contribution to the people of Clinton is to make motions to ajourn, so I'm seeing this same pattern where Mr. Vicino, as a follower, will just blindy support whatever policies that those in higher offices support. That said, I'm not really certain this is any less frightening.
ClintonFan October 24, 2012 at 06:57 PM
So Mr. Samperi has a monopoly on high traffic areas for his signage? I doubt very much that someone who has a Samperi sign in their yard would allow a Vicino sign or Vice Versa. That leaves high traffic areas such as major routes, exit ramps, etc. All candidates use similar locations.
Clintonian October 25, 2012 at 01:43 PM
Judging by Mr. Samperi’s inability to answer any questions coherently or succinctly at the debate last night (had to be told he went over time on almost every answer), coupled with his unwillingness to provide the audience with any clear vision or concrete ideas, I think that picking apart Mr. Vicino’s mail cards is comical.
Dave Adametz October 25, 2012 at 02:38 PM
On the contrary, John Samperi welcomes his opponent to present his campaign platform however he wants. After all, it's the good people of Westbrook, Clinton, and Killingworth who are ultimately in charge of our district, so it's the responsibility of both candidates to present their platforms to the good people of Westbrook, Clinton, and Killingworth so that they may decide for themselves who will be the best person to send to Hartford. However, when we see things like THIS (on Rte 81 in Killingworth): http://i329.photobucket.com/albums/l377/GoodOlDave/Around_Town/Signs.jpg We have to conclude there's something else going on here than John Samperi's opponent thinking his signs were lonely and could use some company. FYI I was at the debate last night, too. Mr. Samperi showed himself in sharp contrast to his opponent to be a passionate and charismatic orator with the nonpartisan leadership skills we desperately need in Hartford. At least two former Vicino supporters came up to Mr. Samperi afterwards and announced they were switching their vote, so the winner of last night's debate is self evident. Plus, if you were genuinely there then you would know most of the other candidates (I.E. Jim Crawford) needed to be reminded of the time limits as well. This was simply because they all had a lot of information they wanted to share with us on the topics they were discussing. Why on Earth would that be "comical" to you?
Maggie October 25, 2012 at 02:57 PM
Yes, it is, Clintonian....sillyness! However, I was at the debate last night and found Mr Samperi to be very passionate in his desire to make CT a better state to live in and do business in. He seems to espouse common sense leadership. His opponent seemed to lack ---well--everything! He has said he would vote the same as his predessessor which has put is deeper into debt and brought about more unnessessary regulations. If he is more of the same,,,,I will vote for John Samperi! His ideas were clear to me so I don't know where you were sitting.
Clintonian October 29, 2012 at 01:20 AM
Maggie, Does this represent you views and values? http://postroad.com/news/2001/20010523.west.haven.fire.allingtown.sparks.fly.html


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