Letter to the Editor: In Support of Jim Crawford

Klinck: "Challenging times are here and we need a state senator with experience, who will make common sense decisions and is committed to our community."


This letter is written by Mary Ellen Klinck:

Dear District Voters--

As a lifelong Democrat, I am concerned that a former Democrat, now a Green Party candidate, is vying for the same 33rd state senate seat as Rep. James Crawford, the endorsed and very capable Democratic candidate.  While the Green candidate is hard-working and presents a good platform, I cannot vote for her and ultimately help elect the Republican.

Jim Crawford has experience as a local town official and as a state representative, both positions important to understanding the work at the Capitol in Hartford.

During the primary I got to know Jim very well, a true gentleman.  I listened to his priorities many times, and we agreed on most issues--especially small business, housing, senior, veterans, children, and education needs.

We both agree that our technical and community colleges need more funding for their students.  Companies in Connecticut are ready to work closely with these schools to increase jobs and job training.

Challenging times are here and we need a state senator with experience, who will make common sense decisions and is committed to our community.

Please vote for Jim Crawford, the Democratic and Working Family candidate.

-- Mary Ellen Klinck

Jane Scully Welch October 24, 2012 at 01:08 PM
Thank you MAry Ellen....I do agree that Melissa is a hard working woman...and knowledgable and we do need more women in Hartford....but with three running...if the votes are split..the winner will be a very young and inexperienced candidate and our District will lose. I am with Mary Ellen...please support Jim Crawford...the man with a real resume...Army,teacher,hands on small business owner and public servant. Jim Crawford is the man to vote for!!!!
Rachel October 24, 2012 at 03:48 PM
Jane, Seeing Mary Ellen supporting Jim is very upsetting. The core values she supported during her run is why I voted for her in the primary! The lack of Respect for our environment (land swap) and our public safety (early release program) are issues I hope you do not support. A vote for Melissa is not a waste, we as a party have chosen a weak candidate and must push for Melissa! your statement "a very young and inexperienced candidate and our District will lose" Is the mind thinking that resulted to the mess in Hartford and family struggles. Mr. Crawford politician experience has shown no progress for our state. So I encourage you to do your reading and vote for Melissa on Nov. 6!
Jane Scully Welch October 24, 2012 at 08:00 PM
I do indeed support the environment...the land swap deal is dead....Jim is always very interested in our public safety...what are we back to...Willie Horton..Jim is a fine fine fine indivisual and I truly believe that our district will lose if Linares is elected. Sorry but I do know the Democratic Party has not chosen a weak candidate. Melissa I am sure has a bright future.....so you will not waste your vote.....mine is going towards Jim.
alan kravitz October 24, 2012 at 08:41 PM
Jim Crawford is anything but a weak candidate. His work in Westbrook and Hartford have benefited the communities that elected him: the benefits have been both economic and environmental. I don't think that Jane was refering to Melissa as "a very yong and inexperienced candidate...." I think that she was refering to Art Linares since he is the one who benefits from most of the votes that are cast for Melissa. His election will cause real losses for the District: losses of funding for local government and losses in our struggle to maintain its character and environment. The Disrtict Republicans are talking up Melissa just like supporters of Linda are asking Obama supporters to vote for her: they know that those votes are required for their candidate to win an exceptionally close contest. Dont be mislead. Don't help a elect a conservative ideologue. I know Jim. I know that he listens to his supporters. If the people of the Shoreline and River Valley give Jim their support, he will win and work hard to protect and enhance our communities.
Bruce Farmer October 25, 2012 at 03:59 AM
Here we go again - after the Oct.24th debate, it is clear that Mr. Crawford does not get the big picture - tax and spend - same old plan without any ideas to grow jobs or the economy. Without working to grow jobs or the economy we will NOT generate the revenue we need in our district for everything that Mr. Crawford wants to spend money on some of which are good ideas but we need the revenue. If we do not provide incentives or tax breaks to our districts' businesses both large and small then we can't jump start the economy. Art Linares gets the idea and has a plan. Mr.Crawford's voting record to date is to continue to tax and spend . His voting record is available for all to see. Melissa Schlag who IS an environmentalist - is not happy with Mr. Crawford's voting record either. His record and comments like "Ct.mfg.jobs are not coming back" and "the public sector is doing just fine" are NOT in line with our districts' needs - residents and businesses. I am supporting Art Linares.


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