Kravitz: "Your Vote for Jim Crawford Will Be One for Experience and Judgment"

"I ask voters of all parties to vote to keep America moving forward towards opportunity for all, justice for all and a sustainable future. Jim will fight for those values.'


This letter is written by Alan Kravitz:

Jim Crawford has demonstrated the skills and values required to be the Senator representing the people of the 33rd Senate District.  He listens to his constituents and acts on their concerns not on ideology.

Jim’s approach was honed by serving the community as a member of numerous Boards and Commissions, as a Selectman, and most recently as State Representative.

Your vote on November 6th for Jim Crawford will be one for experience and judgment not conservative ideology or a single issue.

We face a clear choice in the 33rd and in the state and nation: I ask voters of all parties to vote to keep America moving forward towards opportunity for all, justice for all and a sustainable future. Jim will fight for those values.

I also ask those who share my concern for the environment not to waste their critical votes on a third party candidate. I am a Democrat who has voted for independent and third party candidates but I have tried not to waste my vote on a spoiler.

-- Alan Kravitz

Rachel October 19, 2012 at 05:36 PM
"I also ask those who share my concern for the environment not to waste their critical votes on a third party candidate." Jim Voted for the land swap! Melissa Schlag a TRUE ENVIRONMENT PROTECTOR is the former Executive Director of CPPL (Citizens for Protection of Public Lands), a civic group that showed lazy Politicians such as Mr. Crawford public awareness of the real facts and consequences behind the proposed Haddam Land Swap before listing to king Malloy! Its a shame Melissa did not get the environmental endorsements she deserves. It seems to me like favor and lack of reading up on the facts! Sitting in a chair talking about the environment only gets so far. But to stand up to the corrupt politicians in Hartford as a independent voice and a citizen is what we deserve. So I encourage all my fellow democrats to do their reading unlike Mr. Crawford, and vote for a true environmentalist! Rather than one who sits comfy in a chair in Hartford. Melissa States "I've seen what happens when politicians have been in power for too long, they don't relate to the people they represent" Mr. Crawford does not relate to the beautiful Connecticut we love. A vote for Melissa is not a spoiler, a vote for Melissa is a vote for environment protection. DEMOCRATS FOR SCHLAG!
Rachel October 19, 2012 at 09:57 PM
Alyson Roberts October 19, 2012 at 11:12 PM
Jim Crawford has worked tirelessly for his district while serving as our State Representative, as a Selectman and serving on various boards. He worked hard as the owner of a small local business and as a teacher. He is by no means lazy, so you must not know him at all. Among his many endorsements, Jim Crawford has been endorsed by both The Sierra Club and the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters. I believe they see in him a viable candidate who does feel strongly about the environment or they would not have endorsed him. But in these tough times, we need a State Senator who not only has experience, but cares about so many more issues than just that one. Please support Jim Crawford!
Bruce Farmer October 20, 2012 at 01:14 AM
Art Linares will fight for our district by working to control government spending and waste and work to grow our economy which will increase revenues. In my opinion, Mr. Crawford's voting record speaks for itself as follows : To date - no incentives or tax breaks for large or small businesses in our district but voted for the UNCONN Healthcenter and lab. Voted for the multimillion dollar bus route from Hartford to New Britain which will not bring us jobs and the minimal ridership will not develop enough revenue to pay for it. Voted for the polluted land swap deal in Haddem. He believes our manufacturing jobs will not come back to Ct. - If he believes that he will not help our district. He believes jobs in the private sector are fine - I don't think so !! This is just a sample of his record - please check for yourself. We need someone like Art Linares who will work hard for our district's residents and businesses - most of which are small.
alan kravitz October 21, 2012 at 03:45 PM
Art Linares showed his lack of knowledge and experience at the October 18 th debate at Valley Regional High. His answers revealed a lack of knowledge of many of the issues critical to the District. On one issue, taxation of pleasure boating, he had no idea that the hundreds of millions of dollard of boats docked on the river and the sound are not subject to property tax. In general, his responses reflected his and Bruce's conservative ideology; an ideology that has not served to grow jobs, grow small business or protect the environment.
Bruce Farmer October 22, 2012 at 05:04 PM
No one has yet to defend Mr. Crawford's voting record - It is not good for our district for businesses or residents. The facts are the facts. Mr. Linares is very much aware of the boat tax situation - again it's about our districts' jobs And by the way Mr. Linares is aware that not only would this effect marina jobs but it would also effect a hugh number of small businesses that rely on the marina businesses like restaurants, marine engine and prop co's, parts mfg., paint co.'s , on and on. The real issues are jobs - economy - too much waste and spending by gov't. - and too many regs and fees and taxes on especially small businesses.
alan kravitz October 22, 2012 at 06:27 PM
Perhapse he is aware now, but he did not know that boats are not subject to property tax at the last debate. Local property taxes along the Shoreline thay are significantly higher than they would be if boats were taxed as cars are. If you buy a $1000 car to get to work, you must pay property tax on it. People with large boats docked on the Shoreline and on the CT River pay only a Registration Fee capped at $500. Where is the equity in that? Isn't the property tax policy a real issue too. If we were to tax boats where they are docked, the property taxes paid by most homeowners and small businesses on the shoreline and river would decline. Since many small businesses rent property on a triple net basis, they would benefit along with the property owning small businesses. The economy and jobs are real issues but they aren't the only ones. What about the needs of seniors, what about funds to properly educate our youth, what about health care, what about the long neglected infrastructure of the state. We need to be able to spend government money on these real issues. By the way, what is a small business. How would you define it. In this state, businesses with less than 50 employees are already exempt from many regulations. You talk about small business but, when it comes to legislative inniatives, it's big corporate entities like Pfizer that you end up helping. We spend millions to lure them and then they are gone to places with deeper pockets and the labor forces they need.
Bruce Farmer October 23, 2012 at 06:17 PM
Art Linares has known about the boat tax issue for years - he has been involved in the boating industry for years - ask him. We are talking about loosing thousands of jobs if the boats leave Ct. The biggest issues are Jobs and the economy in our district where Mr. Crawford represents us and his voting record is frankly terrible !! We should only spend the money that we have in this state. We can not continue to borrow and spend . All the issues that Mr. Kravitz mentions are valid regarding seniors,health care,infrstructure,education, etc. They are very important but in order to do more in those areas - first and foremost we must increase revenues by jump starting our districts businesses with incentives and tax breaks so that we can create more jobs and improve the economy. If Mr. Crawford worked for a corporation - I'm afraid he would loose his job based on his decisions and reckless spending to date. Our district deserves better !!
Jay October 23, 2012 at 07:56 PM
Linares keeps claiming all sorts of secret knowledge and accomplishments. He "ran " a gift wrap company, he established a solar power company and he knew about the boat tax issue which only came to life, again, last year when, upon request, Governor Malloy had Speaker of the House Donavan and Senate Pres Williams intro a bill Restoring the boat tax to Ct. It was dropped back in the early 70's because the marinas refused to identify boat owners to the tax collector - literally.. The new proposed bill would have share some of the proposed taxes and Taxed planes - interesting I did not know those toys were also untaxed - and like dredging for boats ordinary CT also citizens pay for airports -- with their taxes. The 1011 boat/plan tax bill disappeared - and is would behoove either set of candidates to explain 1. who and why the bill was killed last year and 2. Promise to introduce it again next year on the first day of the session. PS > Daddy set up the gift wrap franchise and the solar power company - with low balled Chinese imported solar units imports and lot's of contacts via partner Robert Landino, former Democratic State Rep from Westbrook.
alan kravitz October 24, 2012 at 08:02 PM
I have been working on a well-drafted bill to tax boating for quite a while. Last years bill would have sent the tax revinues to the communities where the owners of the boats reside not to those shoreline and river communities where the boats reside . The benefits would go to more afflent communities and not those who provide municipal services to marinas or encourage marine related activities that are less productive from a revinue point of view. Boats kept on registered trailers would be taxed in the towns where they are garaged. The argument about revinues and business being lost because of the migration of boats is spurious. If we taxed boats and boat services the surrounding states which also need revinue would probably do the same. Furthermore, boat owners want their craft to be located close to their residences for easy access: boats are not as mobile as the industry argues. We lost these revinue sources because of direct action and lobbying by the marine related industries; we will probably have to use the same tactics to get it back. What we are talking about is not more tax but shifting part of the local tax burden to those with deeper pockets and those who depend on local roads, dredging and other services.
Jay October 24, 2012 at 10:38 PM
the problem is getting non boating area reps and senators to vote for a bill that would only return money to host towns. What happened to last year's bill and who killed it?
Bruce Farmer October 25, 2012 at 04:13 AM
The boater tax will never pass - Mr.Crawford is NOT in favor of it either.


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