Delia: "Supporting John Samperi for State Representative in the 35th District"

"He is a voice of reason and has outlined a simple plan to control State spending and its ever increasing corollary, taxation."


This letter to the editor is written by Anselmo Delia:

It is difficult to imagine a clearer choice for the voters of the 35th State Assembly District than John Samperi.

Mr. Samperi is a genuine, down to earth candidate who understands the struggles of his constituents and will tell you the unvarnished truth.  Isn't it time we were given some of that instead of the usual political platitudes, self-absorbed puffery and phony pandering that passes for the truth?

And when it comes time to do something for the district, wouldn't it be nice to have as our representative someone who knows how to work hard and diligently for something he believes in?  John Samperi is a small business owner who depends on his own efforts, reputation and hard work to put food on the table for his family. Yet, despite the demands and obligations of his own business and family, he still manages to find the time for his community.  John does not mind ruffling feathers, even within his own party, if it means getting results for those like himself, who struggle to pay their bills and stay within their budgets.  He is no-one's "yes" man.

He knows of the financial struggles confronting the towns of the 35th District.  He is a voice of reason and has outlined a simple plan to control State spending and its ever increasing corollary, taxation.  We are very fortunate to have this life-experienced candidate.  He is a husband, a father, a grandfather, a small business owner, a relentless hard worker. That is the kind of experience I like to see representing me in Hartford at this critical juncture.

I urge the voters of the towns of Westbrook, Clinton and Killingworth to vote for John Samperi, on November 6th.

Anselmo M. Delia


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