Corcoran: "Please Remember To Thank Your Letter Carriers"

"They are the ONLY local employee who is aware of what is going on in your town every day they work."


This letter is written by Barbara Corcoran:

I'd like to get out to the town a reminder/request for everyone to thank their letter carriers. These people do a thankless job dealing with all kinds of challenges.

Recently about 40% of the Clinton carriers received awards for their years of service (25+). This would seem like an occasion to celebrate, however; all of the letters were unsigned by either the local or head Postmasters and some were dated as far back as 2010. The awards were not presented to them, but left at their stations - there was no celebration and no thank yous.

In fact, the awards would probably still be in the Postmaster's office if an employee hadn't noticed the stack and asked about them. Many of these carriers have military service and to treat them in such a disrespectful manner is shameful. What does this action say about not only our local office, but the American government in general? Worse than no recognition at all is to receive your letter/award for years of service unsigned, late and just left at your station.

Your letter carriers watch out for the elderly on their routes, many times checking on a customer who may have fallen. They assist local and federal authorities as they are the ONLY local employee who is aware of what is going on in your town every day they work. They are a dedicated and compassionate group of employees that any business owner would be proud to employ.

The Clinton Post Office recently celebrated a milestone and if not for the concern of a clerk, that milestone would have passed unnoticed.

I can't begin to list the numerous things that the carriers and clerks at the Clinton Post Office do for their town, but hope that the people of Clinton will recognize what a gift they are to us and thank them!

-- Barbara Corcoran

Karin Craig May 22, 2012 at 02:18 AM
Thank you for this, Barbara. I have a great deal of respect for most USPS workers and many people don't really know how hard their carriers or clerks work. Contrary to popular belief, working for the USPS is far from a "cushy job" these days for a variety of factors. My mom is a retiree from the Madison PO (with plenty of ailments/surgeries to show for it) and my brother has been a dedicated clerk in Guilford for over twenty-five years. So yes, thank you, Clinton CT postal workers! You are indeed appreciated.
Jane Scully Welch May 22, 2012 at 11:31 AM
Thanks for writing about another great aspect of OUR town....being a USPostal Service retiree I know..it is not an easy job. Many have walking routes...nice on a sunny, breezy day...miserable on a rainy or icy day...our mailman Kevin is amazing...and his subs are good as well....and I would like to thank them all...carriers and clerks!!!
Barbara Comeau May 22, 2012 at 03:29 PM
Barbara Comeau Are you kidding? We had a bad experience with our delivery. After filing a stoppage we came home to a mailbox crammed full of over 3 weeks mail. Noone checked on us or brought it back to check on it. What were they thinking?


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