Amoia: "The Word Used Most Often to Describe Tom Vicino is Hardworking"

"Join me in voting for Vicino for State Representative on November 6th. He will put his energy to work for us."


This letter is written by Kathleen Amoia:

Tom Vicino is campaigning for State Representative for the 35th District which includes Clinton, Killingworth, and part of Westbrook. Although new to Killingworth, Vicino has been an active member of community organizations in our area for years. His opponent in this race is John Samperi.

For 28 years Vicino has owned and operated a very successful Westbrook auto body work and repair shop, Superior Auto. My car’s interaction with a deer was the reason I first met Tom when he was recommended to repair rather extensive damage. More dings along the way brought me to his shop a second time. I can personally attest to the quality of the work his shop turns out.

As a small business owner, Vicino is an advocate of efficient government and a tax system that encourages businesses to locate in our towns. As a Clinton selectman he has worked with the Middlesex County Revitalization Commission on economic development programs providing low interest loans to small and mid-sized businesses. In encouraging job growth in our area, he has served on the Clinton and Westbrook Chambers of Commerce and as Chairman of the Clinton Economic Development Commission.

Vicino also brings with him a record of protecting the natural environment. An advocate of growing tourism in our area, he knows the value of our historic and scenic resources. He understands their importance to the citizens of our small towns. As selectman he has been involved in efforts to bring back shellfish to area waters and improve maintenance of the Clinton harbor as well as the bulkheads by the Clinton Fire Department.

The word used most often to describe Tom Vicino is hardworking. Join me in voting for Vicino for State Representative on November 6th. He will put his energy to work for us.

-- Kathleen Amoia

Bruce Farmer October 19, 2012 at 12:55 AM
Tom is really a nice guy but in my opinion, to date , he has not developed one idea or program on his own for REAL economic development in our district. He has served on many boards ,commissions and committees but if you check his record even as a member of the Bd. of Selectman, no ideas or plans. John Samperi has developed a very detailed and specific program to create jobs , reduce spending, eliminate waste, and hold Hartford accountable. John has already met with over 2,000 homeowners and businesses in our district and attended many town meetings and events across all towns in the district. He is no stranger to Hartford either. John knows how to get things done. No one will work harder and smarter.


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