Town Suing Businessman Over Enclosure vs. Fence

Jeff Cashman says it's a fence on his state-designated farm. The town says it's an enclosure for livestock and must meet setback requirements in a residential zone. Who's right?


When is a fence not a fence but an enclosure? When is a farm not a farm but residential property? When is a 22-year operating nursery business not allowed to make mulch?

These and other questions are running through the mind of Clinton resident and business owner Jeff Cashman. 

Cashman, known for his property Sprucey Hill Nursery and Farm on 66 River Road and the owner of on West Main Street, is in a legal battle with the town of Clinton over several issues including the proper setback of a fence (Cashman's term) or enclosure (town's term) that have resulted in the town bringing forth a lawsuit.

Cashman's Story:

Jeff Cashman, his wife Patricia and their daughter Heather live at 66 River Road, Sprucey Hill Nursery and Farm. The Cashman's purchased the property 26 years ago. They founded the nursery in 1990.

More than 20 years ago, Cashman said the property was approved by the town's Planning & Zoning Commission (PZC) as a nursery. In 1990, the property received the state designation of PA-490 or farmland exemption. Cashman said the town's former Assessor, Christine Barta, confirmed that the property is a farm.

Ron Olsen, the marketing/inspection representative for the State of Connecticut Department of Agriculture stated in a letter, "the land has been classified as agricultural since 1990."

For many years Cashman operated a 20-employee landscape company for Clinton clients such as Chesebrough Ponds and New York City clients such as Lincoln Center.

"Business was booming for a long time," said Cashman. "We worked quietly. Then the economy started to change. I saw the writing on the wall and wanted to slow down and downsize."

About eight years ago, Cashman bought the hardware store and kept one part of his old business, mulching, alive on his property.

"Not many town dumps will take landscaping material so they (landscapers) can bring it to my property," said Cashman. "I grind the product, which is all organic, and turn it into recycled wood chips which I sell at my hardware store."

Cashman said his mulching business was a huge help to the town during Tropical Storm Irene last summer as he took in large amounts of fallen trees and branches.

"If it hadn't been for my piece of property, the town wouldn't have known what to do with all the material," he said.

This spring, the town shut down the mulching operation, said Cashman.

"You just denied my right to farm," he said, estimating that he has lost about $100,000 in business from spring to this fall.

Frank Gagliardo, supervising environmental analyst with the state Bureau of Materials Management and Compliance Assurance, stated in a letter, "You do not require a permit because the Department views first-grind as a marketable commodity."

Now Cashman has a gigantic pile of mulch on his property and can't sell it.

"I just bailed out the whole town and they're telling me I'm stuck with it and can't sell it?" he asked incredulously.

Now, he is being sued by the town for an illegal enclosure.

"The town says it's an enclosure and does not meet setback requirements and has ordered me to move it back 50 feet from the road and 35 feet from the property line on my one neighbor's side," said Cashman.

Cashman said he's frustrated and angry.

"After 25 years of doing so much for the town, we are arguing over a fence," he said.

The Town's Story:

Thomas Lane, the town's Zoning Enforcement Officer, said Cashman's property is zoned R-80, meaning it is a residential zone with 80,000 square feet lot size (1.84 acres).

Town records indicated an "accessory use" as a nursery, said Lane.

"The 490 from the state is a tax exemption for the Assessor's office," said Lane. "It gives you a break on your taxes but has nothing to do with zoning."

Lane addressed the enclosure issue first.

"If you have cows, horses, etc. in an enclosure, which is a fenced-in area, it must meet setback requirements in a residential zone," he said.

From the town's zoning regulations: "All livestock shall be kept in a building, stable or enclosure, not less than the legal setback for the appropriate zone for any abutting residential or Village Zone property and one hundred feet (100') from any well or water body from which water is taken for human consumption."

Thus, said Lane, Cashman's enclosure is in violation of the property's zoning and needs to be moved back 50 feet from the River Road side and 35 feet from one neighbor's side.

Lane said that residents do not need a permit for a regular fence to delineate property lines if the fence is 6 feet or under.  Dogs are considered pets, not livestock, he added.

"Fencing for your own dog, that's allowed," said Lane.

Fencing for cows, sheep, goats, horses, cows (considered livestock) requires 40,000 square feet per animal and a permit.

Lane said that Cashman applied for the permits for his livestock "after the fact."

"People have complained and that's what has initiated this," said Lane. "They complained about noise, smell, and odors."

Lane said he's tried to resolve the issue with Cashman before filing suit on the town's behalf.

"If he complies with the regulations, moves the enclosure and gets a permit, he will be in compliance," said Lane.

As far as the mulching business, Lane would only comment that in a R-80 zone, bringing in material to the site, processing it, manufacturing a product and selling it is not a permitted use.

In the property file at town hall, there are several "Warning of Violation(s)" notices from the town including those concerning the mulch business, standards of noise, the definition of a nursery, not obtaining a permit, and conducting a use without a permit. Most warnings were written in 2012, but one goes back to 1988.

There are four written complaints from neighbors citing such things as "loud and noisy" (2012), "extremely loud machinery" (2008), "operating a business with heavy equipment on site in a residential zone" (1988), and "possible contaminated water discharging onto my property" (2001). 

Vindaloo September 17, 2012 at 08:30 PM
Cashman's property was a business before he bought it. I don't know if they had a permit, but, they were a business. Cashman is not the only business in this residential neighborhood with a structure outside the set back. It's hard to justify how the rules apply to some and not to others. I'm a long time neighbor and hear the noise from Cashman's only seldom. I don't smell anything, but I live behind the property away from the animals. I can see moving the enclosure back and putting up a fence along the property, just to keep it safe for the kids and the animals. Also, it would be fair to limit the mulch grinding to certain hours or days. Sometimes the rules are unsuitable for a community and need to be altered. This neighborhood always had farms. Just across the street from Cashman's property there was a horse stable. The horses have been gone for about 2 years now, but the horses used to walk up to the fence/enclosure, that is on the property line. Just yards up the road in Killingworth, there are small farms right up to the road. There are more urban towns that have more relaxed rules regarding farm animals. Apparently, in Clinton, you can have erotic massage parlors, but not small local farms in residential neighborhoods, even though most farms ARE in residential neighborhoods. Save the complaints for important things so we don't end up with a sterile community. I'd like to see the town encourage more local farms an small businesses. It's the future.
joan September 18, 2012 at 08:21 PM
to A Nonymous, I am not a big fan of cashman, but, I don't see anything wrong with having a few farm animals on your property, as long as it's not right on top of your neighbor. I suppose you don't drink milk, or have cream in your coffee, or use butter, or even buy cheese, because cows stink. If anything, farming teaches children alot. My husband and I both were brought up around farm animals, we had chores to do collecting eggs, milking the cows, feeding the pigs and working in the garden, weeding, picking the berries, and many other things. If that's setting a bad example for a kid, then you'd better think twice. That's just it, we should get back to the good old days, then we'd probably have more jobs too, instead of the kids just playing their sports, and texting, and all that crap.
Patti Cashman September 18, 2012 at 09:19 PM
Dear A Nonymous, I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and for that reason I tolerate your uninformed comments. I find it sad to see that you need to hide who you are when sharing your opinion... that gives the impression that you are ashamed or embarrassed by what you have written. The only thing that I feel compelled to respond to is your statement "What a poor example he's setting for his kid...". My husband, on any given day, is a the BEST example of love, hard work, humor, patience, generosity, patriotism, and community service that I could ever hope for my daughter. She has learned compassion, concern for others, and "giving back" from my husband. I am proud of the things my husband has done for this town AND our neighbors. I am guessing that at some point, even you, may have benefited from something my husband has been involved in. It could have been the Giant tag sale he was in charge of that raised money for cancer or maybe you and your family had a hayride during Christmas in Clinton. Whatever it was I hope you enjoyed it. My main concern is that you understand that bringing my daughter into this debate was a low blow and uncalled for. That, in a nutshell, is MY opinion. Mrs. Patti Cashman
Veronica Lopez September 21, 2012 at 12:38 PM
Veronica Lopez Why didn't Cashman show pictures of what his corral looked like after he brought in the cows and they ate all the grass? From approx Jul/Aug of 2011-Apr 2012 it was nothing more than a mud pit filled with cow dung, urine, mud, flies and it smelled like an open cesspool. Because of their daily diet of rotten fruit, veggies, cakes, pies, cookies, bread and prepared food, they constantly have diarrhea. Everyday they were covered in this mess. Not once did he clean up after these cows. It took Cashman months and months to get his corral to look as nice as the pictures posted in the article. I love all animals, and think cows are beautiful creatures but, I don't want them practically living in my front yard Anyone who thinks its not a problem, think again.
Vindaloo September 25, 2012 at 01:01 PM
Veronica, I saw your original post directed at me. I'm sorry you are offended by my comment. I don't really know the Cashmans that well, so my comments are not biased. I don't live 2 streets away from Cashman. I live right through the woods, up on the hill behind his grinding area. Almost as close as you are to it. I've lived here since 1985. I commented on the noise you are complaining about because I DO hear it, quite clearly and loudly, but not constantly or often. I did not comment about the animals smell because, as I said, I don't live close enought to them, so don't use my comment as an attacking point. I don't blame you for not liking the smell or mess. Now that the animals are all settled in and well cared for and clean and the grinding has eased up, there shouldn't be any reasons to bust this little farm. Just moving the fence back, keeping it clean and limiting the grinding should be enough to satisfy the neighbors. I live here because I love the rural atmosphere of this area and I'm very grateful for it.
veronica lopez September 26, 2012 at 12:45 PM
The only reason to bust this little farm is because its not a farm. Those 2 large cows and 2 calves are kept in such a tiny area that the most they can do is walk in circles. This should be considered animal cruelty. He cannot and should not be letting hem out into the corral for any reason because of the setback requirement and they must be kept a certain distance from my working well. Again, this is not a farm.
Vindaloo September 26, 2012 at 10:18 PM
Well, it sounds like you do have some serious concerns. To me, the property always looked nice and the animals look healthy. But You certainly see them more often and closer than I do. Also, I always thought that residents on River Road were served by municipal water.
A Nonymous October 02, 2012 at 01:18 PM
Mrs. Patti Cashman,Why stay anonymous? Because the point is, I have no personal connection to this. But I think the weights should be balanced. What about the properties that yours is up against? I wonder what their comment would say. Who I am doesn't matter, but the rules and codes your county and town have in effect, do. How is it patriotic to go behind your town and do things to get tax breaks so you can get out of paying them (as the article explains about the 490)? No, in fact I have never done those things you mentioned (benefited from Cashman in any way). It seems from this article and your response that there is little interest on your part from acknowledging any wrong doing. The article mentioned your daughter. Right, I don't know your husband well but failing to follow rules, codes and regulations is showing her that pretty much you can do whatever you want and then act like you're the victim. These aren't opinions. There are codes, Cashman is not following them. Simple. Joan, your comments don't make much sense in light of what I'm saying. I do use dairy, I support local farming (which is what you're classifying Cashman's property as, which is in direct opposition to what they are claiming), when it's done properly. If he wants a farm, he should move to one. Reread what I said. Hard work is great, bending the rules for yourself is not. Perhaps you should consider it from your neighbors point of view. And the towns. Why should Cashman get to make his own rules?
clint October 02, 2012 at 08:55 PM
To A Nonymous, it seems that you are finding guilt in Mr. Cashman before having all of the facts at hand. I am assuming that you did your research and found out that Mr. Cashman's property has been in farm status for many years. This has nothing to do with "trying to get one over" but rather a status that is legally applied for and granted by the town based on land usage. I wonder if there are other “farm” status parcels of land in his neighborhood? I know that you believe that the area is residential but this also allows certain parcels of land to be granted farm status. It seems that Mr. Cashman has done everything by the book and the town even thought so when they granted him farm status. I know you think that “he got some farm animals to qualify to tax exemption” but he was a farm before he got the current animals. Which I am sure you found out when you did your research.
clint October 02, 2012 at 08:55 PM
Mr. Cashman is setting a great example for his daughter by showing her good work ethic by making his farm such a wonderful, country setting. Now if you want to talk about the town being responsible here, please show me all of the other farms that were inspected, all of the other farms that were found in violation, or are we just singling out one person here? Maybe you should look at this situation from Mr. Cashman’s point of view, a man trying to make a living to provide for his family the best way that he can. You write of “codes” so I am sure that you did your research on all of the agricultural and farming codes as it pertains to this situation, if not I suggest you do. The way I see it, Cashman is not making the rules but just following the rules as they legally pertain to him. Why are we now after all these years trying to take his farm status away?
Patti Cashman October 09, 2012 at 11:49 PM
I learned this song in kindergarten a little over 6 years ago. Does anyone recall singing it????? Let me sing it for you... Old Mc Cashman had a FARM EIEIO And on this FARM there were some cows EIEIO With a moo moo here and a moo moo there EVERYWHERE a moo moo!!!! Old Mc Cashman had a FARM EIEIO And on this FARM there were some chickens EIEIO With a cluck cluck here and a cluck cluck there,EVERYWHERE a cluck cluck!!!! Old McCashman had a FARM EIEIO And on this FARM there were some ducks EIEIO With a quack quack here and a quack quack there,EVERYWHERE a quack quack Old McCashman had a FARM EIEIO
veronica October 10, 2012 at 02:10 AM
I'm pretty sure the song was about Old Mc Donald who was a kind old farmer and did not infringe on his neighbors.
Patti Cashman October 12, 2012 at 12:11 PM
Point of clarification... my daughter, who has been affected by this debate as much as any of us, put some thoughts on here from her point of view (with my permission since it would go under my name). She identified herself but unfortunately parts of her comments did not make it into the comment section for some reason. This explains the last post of mine...she simply wanted to state that she enjoys the farm life and considers the animals her friends. It was not meant to show any arrogance or disrespect to anyone else' point of view. Patti Cashman
veronica October 12, 2012 at 01:18 PM
I'm sorry your daughter has been affected by this. She getst to play with the cows and I get to deal with the stench of manure (24/7) coming from cows that constantly have diarrhea and the flies that are attracted by the manure and cows. When we moved here back in 1989 there were no cows, ducks or chickens. There was no farm . I love all animals and think cows are beautiful creatures, but I don't want them practically living in my front yard.
Sara March 25, 2013 at 09:51 PM
Veronica should pack her arse and city attitude up and move. This is a familys life, not just a darn cow for Gods sake. Bet the realtor showed you the house on Sunday when the farmer was resting!!
veronica lopez March 25, 2013 at 11:50 PM
To Sara - Obviously, you don't know what you are talking about so maybe you should stop talking out of your arse. When we bought our house there was no "farm" there. There were no cows, and no much pile. Cashman built his "farm" when I told him I was going to put my house on the market. He told my neighbor and he told me, in the presence of Tom Lane that he wanted my property. He told me to name my price and he would have a certified check in my hands in 90 days. Well, that never happened, and I'm still waiting. In 2000, one month after my husband passed away, and my house was on the market, Cashman offered to give me what I still owed on my morgage for my property. Nice guy, what an offer. When my realtor showed my property, people quickly lost interest because of the mess that was the Cashman property. I have been trying to sell my house since 2011, but again, when people see the mess next door, they are not interested. He doesn't clean the corral as the health department requires so the stench in my yard is unbearable and when it rains, the corral looks and smells like an open cess pool. He has cost me he use of my property and cost me money by preventing me from selling my home. So Sara, next time know the facts before you know open your mouth. There's more to this story than just Cashman's "poor me" side. He knew years ago that his mulch pile was illegal because he told me that "when he does what he does up on the hill, everyone just looks the oher way.
veronica lopez March 25, 2013 at 11:59 PM
To Sara - Sara, to use your words this is "my life" too that's being affected, not just Cashman's. Why don't you let him move the cows next to your home, and you can enjoy the stench and the sight of cow crap all day, every day. I doubt if my comments will be posted because Fay has censored all my comments except one. I think its your attitude that needs to be checked. You don't even have the guts to sign your last name and you don't even know me or any thing about me. Again, know the facts before you speak.
Fay Abrahamsson (Editor) March 26, 2013 at 01:31 AM
Veronica - any previous comments on this article (or any article) were removed because the content violated Patch's Terms of Use - the same TOU you agree to when you sign up to comment.
veronica lopez March 26, 2013 at 02:20 AM
Fay - My comments were removed because the content violated Patch's Terms of Use and the comment Sara posted didn't? Why the double standard? She's telling me to pack my a** and move out of town and that doesn't violate the TOU? Right......
Jeff Cashman March 26, 2013 at 06:17 AM
I guess the patch is considered a third party. When veronica asked me not to talk to her unless there was a third party present, that terminated any chance of trying to resolve a issue between two people. common sense and reasoning was lost at that point. an attempt with mr lane was made and the signs of no workability was evident.For the record I personaly feel she is a wonderful person. she has a heart that is as big as mine. she has given like here husband matt, there lives to protect our nation and my rights. quite in nature and have always been proud to think she cares as much about man kind as i do. she loves animals. alot. I mean areal lot. I think it breaks her heart to know that the cows are beef cows . I caught the second look at the baby calf one day and thought I almost saw a smile. she is a special gal that to this day I still respect. she has endured some of lifes triles and I hope some time to simply talk again at the fence. I wish that some one COULD allow me to try and make some things known to her. My big mouth needs lessons on softness and I regret the loss of her friendship. Have i supplyed her with mulch, yes,. have I always looked out for her, yes do i still think shes agood neighbor yes.have we split dumpsters yes does she enjoy the apples for the deer yes. was i sad to see her limp all winter yes, do i wish she would let me simply talk to her yes are lawyers expensive yes do i want no more bad mouthing of her yes will you talk to me at the fence. Yes??
veronica lopez March 26, 2013 at 01:44 PM
Yes, Mr. Cashman has helped me throughout the years. I bought mulch from him, I was the main babysitter for his daughter when she was young, I was the one his wife called at 9pm when he had shoulder surgery at Middlesex Hosp and he needed something brought to him. Yes we have helped each other. He also planted a row of trees on my property and said that was the property line, when in fact it wasn't, then mowed then down right before he built the corral. He told Tom Lane that they were just small shrubs, but they were still on my property. His solution to resolving this issue was for me to call him when the smell of the cow manure became unbearable and that I should also offer to help him clean up. Now he just spreads the manure from the stalls and the chicken coop near my property line. Yes, I did tell him not to talk to me unless there was a third party present, that was for both our protection so there would be no "he said, she said" issues. He also dumped huge tree trunks onto my back property. Our talk with Mr. Lane did not break down because of me, they broke down because NEITHER of us could come to an agreement. He also threatened to file violations against my neighbors and said it would be my fault. Yes, I will talk to Mr. Cashman at the fence. He can bring his atty and I'll bring mine. We were friends once.
Jeff Cashman March 26, 2013 at 11:43 PM
david d March 27, 2013 at 04:06 PM
Mr. Cashman - I have been following this saga with great interest and I have some questions for you. How did you acquire your farm status. Did you ever grow or raise anything to sell (such as dairy or trees)? I know that you once had your own landscaping business so did you go from landscaping to farming? If all it takes to become a farm is to do landscaping then I think all of us struggling with employment and the economy should get a lawnmower, go into business and get the great tax credits that you enjoy. If you knew your neighbor was going to sell her property and you were interested, why didn't you purchase it before you moved the cows in? But you would have to make a better offer than giving her what she still owes on her mortgage. Might be a good deal for you but, where is she expected to live. I would of turned down that offer too. Why are you blaming the town and your neighbor for your problems. It is well know around town that your business has been struggling for many years. You even had to reduce the hours of your employees, before this issue started, because the business just wasn't there. The town hasn't prevented you from making money selling mulch and firewood. You sold firewood all winter and mulch throughout the year, so how, in any way, did they cause you financial loss? And you're still having wood chips delivered to your property and, from the road in front of your house, you can see the pile grow bigger and bigger every day.
david d March 27, 2013 at 04:31 PM
I travel River Road on a daily basis, and on one day I saw 5 trucks from various tree service companies, making deliveries, one right after the other. This has to be a fire safety and healty violation. And, when you lose this lawsuit, will you remove the mulch and wood chips, as I'm sure you'll be directed to do, or will you force the town to do it and we, the residents/taxpayers of Clinton, will have to bear that cost. Today, on 3 different occasions, I saw you driving your large dump truck filled with mulch. So, how are the town and your neighbor responsible for your problems. Look to yourself Mr. Cashman, look to yourself. If I lived next to you and this was happening to me, I certainly would be doing a lot of complaining also. Since no one wants to consider your neighbor's situation, I hope she doesn't give up her fight. I seriously doubt anyone posting comments on this would want to be in her shoes and live next to a bunch of smelly farm animals and all the noise you create on your "farm". Everything is fine, until it happens to you.
Jay March 27, 2013 at 07:56 PM
As I said on the other comment line, It might be a good idea if people took a step back re Cashman. Oh, and the town,1st Selectman, etc had nothing to do with the removal of the sunflowers plants obstructing the sight lines on the corner exiting onto the Post Road in front of Cashman's hardware. That issue belonged soley to the state and they were the ones who ordered / removed the sunflowers. Understand ? The State Highway Department has the sole responsibility for state roads which includes the Post Road. . Really amazing how little most of you know of how the local and state governments operate.
Jeff Cashman March 27, 2013 at 11:54 PM
To david d, Thank you for your interest in our conflict with the town regarding our farm. It seems that you have put a great deal of thought into it. A piece of property has to have 3+ acres to qualify for farm status, which we do. There is a list of the numerous agricultural activities which qualify the property as farm. This list can be found in both, the zoning, and assessors office at the town hall. A farm is not limited to one activity at a time but can combine and/or change these listed activities as long as there is agricultural intent. The ZEO at the time was Barbara Swan. We discussed our request with her and were granted full approval. It was also approved by a zoning commission. Remember now, the barn was here before we purchased the property. Since that time, twenty five years ago, this property has been used for agricultural purposes. We have had raised farm animals, had greenhouses for starter flowers and plants, and to many others to mention here. Seeing that you are so often nearby please give us a call and we would love to share the photo albums that show the farm from the beginning until today. Our phone number is in the book.
Jeff Cashman March 29, 2013 at 07:39 AM
They say you can tell the type of tree by the fruit that it bears. Lets look under the Veronica tree. tell me all, does this look one sided. In our photos we have horses on Mrs lopez property while it belonged to my neighbor the Creasors, the previous owner. she bought a house behind a barn and had history of animals.the Creasers and our fences intermingled. The well was so bad she put in city water.See her land records for the water report and the map of their septic on my property. there is 8 feet from the line to her garage witch she has built a 20 by 20 addition off of, no permit. remodeled the screen porch into a heated addition, no permit, a 20 by 20 deck no permit. the siding, roof,city water,no permits windows no permit additions are on cement blocks in the dirt and there is a zoo living under neath. the final straw was she paved on my side, a turnaround by a car lenth. Think that is encroachment? the brush was so over grown the town had to cut it all back, today she looks at downed tree limbs and construction debris in her back yard. little children live next door and still feeds any wildlife that could harm the kids as they play. photos of fox eating cat food in here front yard. The addition was there for the zoo in side the house. shes been spoken to by the animal control officer and till today has kidnapped our barn cat holding it hostage in the garage. When it bit you it was trying to get home to its job. Free my cat Ronnie please. It belongs on the farm hunting.
Jeff Cashman March 29, 2013 at 08:46 AM
In response did I grow anything, what did we do in the greenhouses when we put oil in the tank. plants grow every day. as long as there here ,there growing. did they stop. what more do you all want than pictures ,with have been given to mr lane, than animals, greenhouses and documents. Mr lane should along with the commission live to the regulations start protecting the farm I have. that's there job. not stab me in the back 25 years later. This is an open invitation to whom ever wants to see the photos taken over the years. its that simple. If I have to live by setbacks witch do not exist any where else, so do ALL OTHERS WHOM OWN ANIMALS. were are the fences across-ed the street? yup, same as mine. Any body ask the Coopers about the smell the get and never say a word... I was there and it wasent roses.I never said I was moving any cows on the hill. This whole road is populated with animal owners not just me, its why we moved here. Ronnie? did you just see yesterday that Mr Rafford put up 6 foot fencing around his garden with flagging, the deer kiddo.....the deer. did you even notice Matt and i painted the fence to match the trim on your home? this isn't all about you, we were here first. If I was the only one with animals, I might see this in a softer light. I will see the Raffords property in 20 years, will the new owner want animals?, Im thinking so. Im willing to take a higher road in effort, Life is not perfect......Im not moving the fence.
veronica lopez March 29, 2013 at 08:55 PM
things to me and that you wanted to talk to me. OK lets talk. I agree to your offer. We'll meet at a neutral location and we'll talk. All bad feelings aside, I really want to hear what you have to say. You bring your atty, and I'll bring mine. Respond to this offer (yes/no) on this blog. If its yes, I'll have my atty cally yours. Citizens of Clinton: I know my response is long but, I had alot to say and whether you believe any of this is your choice. I seem to be the villan in this because I am fighting for my rights, as any of you would do. I don't hide behind a made up name because I have nothing to hide. Some of you posting negative comments about me don't even know me or know anything about me. I think I'm a kind person and try try to be kind to humans and animals. The zoo I have in my home are all rescue animals. The animals are my pets from people that take in an animal, tire of it, then throw it out like garbage because they no longer want to deal with them. All my pets are indoor pets and are not hurting anyone. I take great care of them and they got to the vet when necessary. Taking a line from Mr. Cashman - I will no longer be posting comments here. This is a promise I will keep. I know some of these comments can be very entertaining and some nasty, but this issue is between Mr. Cashman, the town and me.
Jeff Cashman March 30, 2013 at 10:04 AM
Yes, yes, yes. THANK YOU. HAPPY EASTER TO YOU!!!!!. We will need the attorney for the town present also. This does not mean that the violations are over. but lets all at least talk. I was offered the table in the selectman's office, if that is good for you. This is were it all gets better. Hope this weekend is special in someway to you.. Talk to you soon. I miss your smile...


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