Shake Off The Dog Days Of Summer!

The Beach, A Pool And Ice Cream Are A Great First Start

It’s safe to say summer is officially here! Record temperatures, heat waves and humidity that is down right draining, makes most people’s motivation focused on one thing - finding a peaceful place to relax close to water and staying cool!

So, what is there to do in Clinton besides hiding in the air conditioning with the blinds closed? Well, I decided to find out what some of the locals are doing on this hot day.

I started my search off with something basic that most people don’t think of: I Google searched “fun things to do in Clinton, CT.” My results didn’t really seem appealing with things like and . I’m more interested in anything to do with water! So lets head to the !

Many people were there on a weekday afternoon, which kind of surprised me. Not that it’s uncommon to see many people at a beach on a hot day; I just didn’t expect what I saw. Like any normal beach, the kids were playing, parents relaxing and many people were swimming.

Clinton’s beach is nice with a snack bar, play ground, gazebo with tables and stretches of beach to explore without the crowds constantly around you.

After a couple hours of “people watching” and a couple quick dips in the ocean, it was time to head to a pool and meet up with Clinton residents, Emma (four years old) and Grace Gibson (eight years old). I asked the adorable kids what they have been doing for the summer and their common response was “not much” so it was going to take a little more work to get the results I was looking for!

After a couple of hours watching them play in the pool and jump off the diving board, Emma said, “I like collecting shells and sea glass with mommy at the beach! We also bring the dogs to the park, I like hot dogs and popsicles!”

Since she’s only four years old, her responses were funny and random! But never the less she had a smile on the whole time and was thoroughly enjoying the pool time with her family.

Grace said, “I love going to the library! There is so much fun stuff to do and we go a couple times a week. The is my favorite cause we get to use the computers!”

Both also mention they have been swimming every day of the summer unless it rains.

Their older brother, Jordan, noted, “I’ve been riding dirt bikes with my friend Dominic and swimming almost everyday! My mom plans something almost everyday that is fun for us to do. We’ve been going to the beach a lot or we stay home and swim in the pool. So far we’ve had a fun summer and I’m not ready for school to start just yet!”

Just when I thought I got what I was looking for in this short interview, Emma screams out “ice cream!”

“Where do you get this ice cream you speak of?” I responded back.

With a loud excited response, Emma replied “Beach Cream!”

Which to her means the famous “” on East Main Street near . If you’ve never been there, (which I think everyone in Clinton has been) it is the perfect place to get a refreshing ice cream that hits the spot perfectly on these hot summer days.

If you’re looking for a water activity, educational experience, refreshing snack, shopping, or just plan looking for something to do, Clinton has it all! If people say there is nothing to do in town, they aren’t really looking! The Internet and news sources like Patch makes it much easier to plan a fun filled day and gives you endless ideas and examples of things to do in Clinton.

Start today and look to the Clinton Patch to make the most out of this beautiful summer!

Shirley Carta July 22, 2011 at 09:46 PM
Good for you Mr O'Neal for making an intolerable situation into something fun! And finding the energy in this heat to write about it!


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