Referendum Vote For Proposed New High School April 11 [Poll]

Absentee ballots are available now at the town clerk's office.

There will be a town-wide referendum vote on Wednesday, April 11 for the proposed $64.7 million .

To read more about the

All voting is held from 6am to 8pm at . Registered voters as well as electors (those owning property in town assessed at $1,000 or more on the current grand list) are eligible and encouraged to vote. Please note that if the only parcel of property in Clinton you "own" is held in trust, you are not considered an elector of the town and are therefore not eligible to vote as the trust owns the land or property.

Those unable to make it to the polls that day can pick up an absentee ballot in the Town Clerk’s office. The town clerk's office at town hall is open Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday from 9am to 4pm; they are open late on Thursdays from 9am to 7pm and close early on Fridays, 9am to noon.

You can come to the town clerk's office to fill out your ballot and hand it back in, or you can take it home. Please note that the office does need the original ballot for your vote to count.

You can fax or email (a scanned copy) of your application for an absentee ballot to the office.

You can download a copy of the absentee ballot application through the Connecticut Secretary of State's office. Click here to go to that site.

There will be two public informational meetings regarding the proposed new school which include a tour of the existing school. They will be held on and on . Both meetings will be held in the cafeteria at the Morgan School.

Carol Pilis March 20, 2012 at 01:02 PM
The link to "plans for the school at a new location on Route 81, click here." takes you to a page about town hall. Where do we see the plans & location?
Fay Abrahamsson (Editor) March 20, 2012 at 01:10 PM
Hi Carol - I fixed the link - sorry about that! It was a Patch link about the school, but not the right one. Also, if you ever want to read more articles about a specific story, if you look to the left of the article, you'll see links to many other stories on the same subject. Thanks for alerting me about the incorrect link.
OldTimeClinton March 20, 2012 at 02:41 PM
okay, so we're voting to put $65 MILLION DOLLARS into the hands of Willie Fritz, the same first selectman that promised us a $225,000 Clinton Landing and delivered one for $550,000, a new beach building promised for $160,000 and came in at $330,000 and a new turf field that any other town would have spent $500,000 or less on, cost us $1,000,000, that's a million dollars . i don't believe for one minute that we can get the school they're showing for that amount of money. Wake up Clinton, the track record here is ZERO. Vote NO.
Dick Dondero March 20, 2012 at 02:59 PM
The Picture of the New Morgan High School shown on Patch and at the Public hearings is simply a Concept Drawing of a very nice school building however as stated by the Arch. firm is just that and has nothing to do with what a $65 Million High School will look like. This is very missleading. The question that needs to be asked is How much would that school cost. I have not made up my mind yet however I sure would not like to buy a pig in a polk. What will the Morgan School that I am voting on look like ? I think that for an informed VOTE we need to know what we are buying for $ 65 Million. This would be like going to an auto show and looking at a stunning Concept Auto and signing up to by a real auto without seeing it. We need more info ASAP.
Leah Saunders March 20, 2012 at 03:34 PM
Hi Dick... The building the architect drew or came up with would cost $64.7 million. He drew the concept drawing and got the estimate from Gilbane based on that drawing....so THAT picture/drawing would cost that price. What the architect meant was that....his drawings are his drawings. Should we vote yes on a new school we would have to put bids out to other architects and building firms. Should we pick him...that would most likely be our school...but if we find someone else...then it could look different...however, the price remains the same...they can not exceed the $64.7 mil price tag.... I'm not sure if you've seen the presentation, but if you have, I think you'd see its pretty well thought out and planned and has all the bells and whistles we will need for the future. The roof is designed so that (if we wanted) it could hold solar panels and they'd be at the optimum angle. Its the little things like this that the architect has taken time to include. I don't believe he's left anything out, but that's my opinion. They are presenting again this Sunday, March 25th at 2pm and again on Tuesday, April 3rd at 7pm....both at Morgan School in the cafeteria. If you haven't had a chance to see it...might be worth it for you. You are able to ask any questions you'd like as well.
Fay Abrahamsson (Editor) March 20, 2012 at 03:35 PM
Dick - the photo of the conceptual drawing has been explained many times to be just that - conceptual, designed by one architect for a cost estimate. The architect (David Thompson) may not be the architect hired for the job if the project goes forward. He has said many times (and it has been written in Patch articles) that it is just a rendering and anything can be changed in the design.
Dick Dondero March 20, 2012 at 05:02 PM
I am up to date at what has been saiod at all the presentations. The $ 64.7 Million Estimated cost, with out an Architects structial drawing is just that an estimate. So if the Bond is approved that only starts the spending and until the design is done and the school is built the cost could vary up or down. This cost is not fixed and as the Design gets more detailed the costs will change. When this happens the Town will have to cut back on spec's or hold anouther referendum, Real World. I would have liked to see more spent on an exterior design of the school before we are asked to approve the $ 64 million. I am concerned that we are being asked to approve somthing that we have not seen. I know that if I were to have a Home built I would ask for an Architecual drawing of the exterior of the home before I would write a check. In this case the taxpayers are being asked to approve( write the check) $ 64.7 million. After the Rferendum, if approved, the Taxpayers are stuck with the Bond issue even if they dislike the school.
Kirk Carr April 01, 2012 at 06:43 PM
In case you missed the CTA Morgan School Task Force report it is available on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85FQwjAzwFI If you are one of the 90 people who have already viewed the YouTubbe of this report, the slides have been added and the count restarted. Also if you missed the Town Meeting about the proposed $64.7 million referendum it too is available on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hezS2900jWw


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