Dolly Mezzetti To Resign From Board Of Selectmen

Seven term selectman wants to "step back and concentrate on my family and myself at this time."


When you think of Clinton politics, town leaders and volunteers, one name comes to mind: Dolly G. Mezzetti.

At the June 6 Board of Selectmen meeting, Mezzetti, a Democrat, announced that she is resigning from the Board of Selectmen effective June 30, 2012.

In a statement, Mezzetti said, "It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the Town of Clinton as both your tax collector and a member of the Board of Selectmen for the past 24 years."

Mezzetti has served on the Board of Selectmen since 1999 and was elected as Clinton's Tax Collector in 1987 serving until 1998.

She will continue to work full-time in her position as the Tax Collector for the town of Guilford.

In her statement, Mezzetti said she is resigning so she can "step back and concentrate on my family and myself at this time."

"Health concerns became an issue several years ago and more recently another health concern has become my priority. For that reason, I do not feel that I can continue to give 100% of my time and energy, which is required to get the job done properly," said Mezzetti.

The list of Mezzetti's work on committees, commissions, and non-profits is long, but includes serving as the Board of Selectmen representative for the Web and Technology Committee, the Capital Expenditure Committee, the Fire Department Vehicle Replacement Committee, the Fireman’s Exemption Committee, the Elderly tax benefit program (as chairman), and the Clinton Municipal Operations Review Committee.

She has also served as the President of the Middlesex and New Haven County Tax Collectors' Associations and received a state appointment to the Certification Committee for Tax Collectors.

She is a member of St. Mary’s Church, Clinton Rotary Cancer Relief Walk-a-thon, a Former Girl Scout Leader, a Former Cub Scout Leader, and Friends of Joel, Eliot & Pierson for her three children.

She is married to Joseph Mezzetti and has three children and three grandchildren.

She thanked the previous First Selectmen and the members of the Board of Selectmen who "treated her with the utmost respect even if we didn't see eye to eye on every issue."

"To the current selectmen I want to say that I hope that you will continue to work for the betterment of the Town of Clinton and always remember we were put here for the best interests of the town," she said.

She thanked the community for their continued support.

How will the process of a replacement for Mezzetti take place on the Board of Selectmen?

In essence, the vacancy is filled within 30 days by the remaining members of the board by a person of the same political party if the person leaving was associated with a party.

Here's what the town charter and state statutes say:

Town Charter:

A. The Board of Selectmen shall fill, by appointment, a vacancy in any and all elective Town Offices, including the Board of Education and Board of Finance, within thirty (30) days from the time that the office becomes vacant, said appointment to be for the unexpired portion of the term or until the next regular Town election, plus fourteen (14) days, whichever shall first occur.

B. When a person vacating an office shall have been elected as a member of a political party, such vacancy shall be filled by the appointment of a member of the same political party.

C. A vacancy on the Board of Selectmen shall be filled in accordance with Section 9-222 of the General Statutes encaptioned, "Filling of vacancy in office of first selectman or selectman. Petition for special election."

Section 9-222: When a vacancy occurs in the office of first selectman or in the office of selectman it shall be filled within thirty days after the day of its occurrence by the remaining members of the board of selectmen. Said remaining members may appoint one of themselves to fill a vacancy in the office of first selectman, if they so desire, and shall then fill the ensuing vacancy in the office of selectman as herein provided. If such a vacancy in the office of first selectman or of selectman is not so filled within thirty days after the day of its occurrence, the town clerk shall, within ten days thereafter, notify the elective town officers enrolled in the same political party as the first selectman or selectman, as the case may be, who vacated the office, or all elective town officers, if such first selectman or selectman who vacated the office was not enrolled with a political party, and it shall be filled by such elective town officers within sixty days after its occurrence. Any person so appointed shall serve for the portion of the term remaining unexpired or until a special election called as hereinafter provided upon petition of a number of electors of such town equal to five per cent of the names on the last-completed registry list thereof, but not fewer than fifty such electors. Such petition shall be filed no later than fifteen days after the appointment by the remaining selectmen or such elective town officers, as the case may be. Such a special election shall forthwith be called by the town clerk upon the filing of such a petition with him and shall be held in accordance with the provisions of sections 9-164, 9-450 and 9-459. The term "town officers", as used in this section, shall not include state representatives or town officers who serve on town boards whose members are not all elected at one town election for the same term.

Shauna Kelly June 07, 2012 at 01:03 PM
You will be missed, Dolly. Thank you for your service and dedication to our town for so many years.. It is a great place to live because of you.
Tadpole June 07, 2012 at 04:37 PM
Thank you Dolly. I hope whoever replaces continues with the same honesty and dedication, making sure our town is always working in the best interests of all of citizens. :)
Tom Vicino June 07, 2012 at 07:03 PM
Thank you to Dolly Mezzetti for her continued commitment to the town. Clinton has always come first for her. Dolly is at the town hall every night of the week working. She takes her service to Clinton very serious. When I think of town politics, I think of Dolly Mezzetti. When I was running for the Board of Selectmen, Dolly was one of the first politicians to talk to me and gave me her endorsement. I’ve learned so much from working with her. You know you’ve been successful when you can leave an organization behind and it continues to run just as smooth as when you managed it. We should all be very proud of her accomplishments in her political career. Although she is resigning, I’m confident she will remain active in one way or another. Town politics and volunteerism is in her blood. Selectman Tom Vicino
Bonnie Reemsnyder June 08, 2012 at 12:06 AM
Best wishes in your retirement from politics Dolly. You are an inspiration to women. I only wish I had been lucky enough to serve with you. Bonnie Reemsnyder, First Selectwoman, Old Lyme
Jane Scully Welch June 08, 2012 at 01:47 AM
Thanks Dolly, for your many years of service to our Clinton!!! You are an inspiration to so many...and an example for them to follow!!! Enjoy this down time with Joe...and take care of yourself...but don't fade away...we still need you!!!!
Phil Williams June 08, 2012 at 12:01 PM
Thank you Dolly for serving the town for all these years. You have set a wonderful example of community service.
Sheldon Potesak jr. June 08, 2012 at 12:40 PM
Dolly you will be missed! Thank you for everything that have you done! Only wish the best for you
Jenny Townsend June 08, 2012 at 02:54 PM
There will never be another Dolly, thank you for all the hard work and big smiles You know you have made an impact when you only need to use your first name, everyone knows Dolly. We wish you nothing but the very very best.
Scott MacBain June 09, 2012 at 06:00 PM
Dolly's service goes back to when my dad was alive and involved in local politics. We always had confidence that her positions were well examined and informed. I believe you need someone equally introspoective and knowledgeable. As a long time friend and as someone who grew up in Clinton and still care deeply for the town I think Raymond Rigat, former Clinton Judge of Probate, would make a wonderful replacement.


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