Do You Have Something Interesting to Say? Then Blog About it on the Clinton Patch

We love bloggers! If you have a passion for writing and have interest or knowledge in a subject such as gardening, cooking, history, health, architecture, politics, parenting, etc. we'd love to hear from you!


Since its founding three years ago, Patch has always been a place where people in the community can share their news and voice their opinions. The addition of blogging on Patch simply raises that commitment to the next level.

The Clinton Patch, along with all other Patch sites, has always invited people to launch blogs, but even Patch doesn't know everyone. In short, we're always looking for some great new bloggers!

Do you have an area of expertise or a particular hobby or interest that you would like to share with readers? If so, we encourage you to start blogging!

This isn't a reporting job. It's blogging. You write what you want to say when you want to say it. You do it on your schedule, whether that's posting multiple entries per day or a couple times a month. You can add photos and videos, if you desire. You do not get paid. As always, any offensive writing will not be allowed and will be removed.

Patch won't own what you post, so you can repost your entries to your other blogs. Patch is providing local bloggers an online platform to have their words seen by a larger audience.

Be interesting. Be provocative. Be yourself.

How to begin blogging: It's simple. if you haven't already, join the Clinton Patch (it's free). On our home page, look for the "Local Voices" column of bloggers. At the bottom of the column, click on the "Want to blog on Patch?" green button, fill out the information and you're ready to blog.

By the way, if you didn't know how the word "blog" came about, it's a blend of the terms "web" (for world wide web) and "log" which is a reverse chronological display of comments and writings found on a website.


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