Unilever First Corporate Sponsor of the 350th Celebration

Next year, Clinton celebrates its 350th birthday in style. Unilever, who began as "Ponds" in Clinton many years ago, announced its role as sponsor.


A message from the 350th Celebration Committee:

Unilever becomes the first corporate sponsor of the 350th Birthday Celebration of Clinton. 

The company, who is closing their doors on December 31, 2012, after 124 years, has donated the publication costs of 6,000 brochures to be distributed through local papers to households all along the shoreline. 

Unilever has also donated 100 additional copies of “Memory Days,” a memory book dedicated to all those employed at the company from its start-up in 1888 until now. 

These books will be for sale beginning December 2, 2012, at the 350th Celebration Headquarters located at 30 East Main Street, Clinton and at Technique Printers.  All money collected from the sale of the books will go the 350th Birthday Celebration.

Clinton’s 350th year-long celebration will officially kick off on February 2, 2013 with “The Launch," the town party at Andrews Memorial Town Hall from 8pm to 11:30pm. For more information visit www.clinton350.org.

Time is drawing short and the list of things needed to do is long. The 350th Committee is seeking additional corporate sponsors and individual donations to make it all happen.  The greater the number of folks who contribute, the greater the fun will be for everyone.

Anyone interested in sponsoring, donating, volunteering or getting more information, please visit the 350th Committee website www.clinton350.org

On another note....

Clinton 350th Celebration Seeking “Characters”

A commemorative booklet, “The Characters of Clinton” is being developed by a group of organizations in conjunction with the Clinton 350th Celebration Committee. They are seeking names of “Characters” for consideration. 

Nominees should be persons who have contributed to the development, culture, commerce, appearance or just the general lore or notoriety (good or bad) of Clinton, anytime from the town’s founding until the present.  Nominations should include name and brief (one paragraph) description of when and how they contributed to the town’s history.  Nominations can be emailed to characters@clinton350.org or mailed to: Clinton 350 Characters, PO Box 35, Clinton, CT  06413.

And don't forget to send your favorite recipe for inclusion in the 350th Celebration Cookbook, sponsored by Clinton Rotary. Click here to find out how.

Phil Sengle November 27, 2012 at 03:02 PM
It's very good of Unilever to make this contribution. But of course we all would rather have them stay in Clinton. To my knowledge the town did not offer them a tax abatement to stay. Now its too late. From now on the town should look at how to incent businesses to stay, not view them as cash cows to milk. I wonder if Unilever would make one more contribution to the Citizens Police Academy which it has sponsored for a number of years?


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