Did You "Honk" in Agreement with Today's Massage Parlor Protestors?

A few braved the very cold temperatures to come out and protest against the signage and more associated with a new massage business coming to town.


"This is not what Clinton wants on our Main Street," said resident Jane Scully Welch, who, along with other like-minded individuals, protested today at Post Office Square.

The protest is related to the proposed signage and opening this month of Serenity Massage & Wellness Center at 1 East Main Street (former Clinton Music Center store) at the corner of Post Office Square and East Main Street in Clinton. 

"We will be on Main Street and Post Office Square with signs and balloons and loud voices to let the landlord know and the renters know that we find this completely unacceptable behavior," said Welch. "We will be there at 10am and if you agree that it is not an acceptable store front...please come and join us!!"

The owner on record of the building is William Chittenden of Clinton.

Late last month, it was , was moving into the former Music Center's location. Owner Yuhan Cai, who spoke to Patch, promised there would be no problems like the former Jade Massage experienced in 2012 which included arrests for prostitution. Jade Massage is now closed, but was located just one storefront away on the same block belonging to Mr. Chittenden.

To read more about .

The business is approved by the town's current regulations, but that isn't stopping many from protesting against another massage parlor.

Welch said that there are many new and nice things to celebrate about town including "the renovations to beautiful town hall, a great steeple on the Methodist Church, a wonderful harbor, many playing fields for our youth, some grand old homes, the Abraham Pierson School which stands among the history of Route 1, the quaint and lovely Church of the Holy Advent" and more.

"There are so many things to admire about our hometown," said Welch, "so why all the negativity? Let's start 2013, our 350th year on a positive note." 

"I live in Clinton, I am involved in Clinton and I truly love this Town," said Welch. "BUT...there is one spot in Clinton that has just infuriated many of us.  On the corner of Main Street and Post Office Square stands a building that has stood for many a year.  It has in the past been many things, insurance, drug store, music shop and now it is poised to become a massage parlor!!!  We all have lived here for many years and we love this town - don't you??  Should we not all be striving to make it a better place?"

Vindaloo March 04, 2013 at 12:49 PM
Yeh, a paint job is all it needs >.<. Then what goes on in the business will be all better. Ritual's this place is definitely not. Most people can see tha very clearly.
Vindaloo March 04, 2013 at 12:52 PM
Obviously Ed, you've never been to a real massage business, or you'd know immediately that this isn't one.
Vindaloo March 04, 2013 at 01:06 PM
Family stores LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!! An Victor, I know you ran and housed Jade's "employees, and now you're running this spa the same way. I'm glad at least someone made you remove the sign on your property. You don't get to post signs all over town advertising the business like you did with Jade. Please remove the asian massage sign you have up facing the railroad tracks.
Victor Hugo March 05, 2013 at 03:54 AM
CathyLou, you really are ignorant. I have no clue who owned or operated Jade, neither do I have any business association with the current owner. She (the owner) and her family are personal friends of mine. The sign came down after I advised her it would be better for community relations. She didn't hesitate. The Jade sign you saw was given to her by the landlord, who saw it stored in the basement and whom thought she might be able to use THE FRAME of the sign. I took a few moments to review some of your other posts on other topics. I see you have a long history of cynicism and negativity. I'm sure you have your own personal reasons for being so bitter. I must say that I really enjoyed this one particular post that was made on a different topic on Clinton's Patch, so recently, in fact: Who is anyone .... to be so simple minded as to judge the value of anothers work and life? Patch has become little more than a venue for venting hate rather than having productive debate Sound familiar? It should, considering it was YOU. On this, I truly agree with you.
Vindaloo March 05, 2013 at 10:41 PM
Victor, you're not fooling me. I saw you at Jade every week and I saw the girls going back and forth to your building every day. You ran Jade and you run this place also. That sign was never in the basement. I absolutely now that for a fact. I'm not the only one who knows what you're doing.


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