Let's Be Frank, How Do You Like Your Hot Dog?

Spill The Beans And Let us Know How You Like Yours

Call them frankfurters, wieners, franks, weenies, dogs, or hot dogs - they are one of America's favorite things to eat. According to Wiki-Answers, 750 million hot dogs are consumed each year in the U.S.

We certainly have a selection of dogs to choose from at the grocery store: beef, angus, pork, chicken, turkey and vegetarian hot dogs. They are short, long and footlong, skinless, in their natural casing, reduced sodium, and light. They can be grilled, steamed, broiled, sauteed, or microwaved. Buns can be plain, or covered with sesame or poppy seeds, split sideways or on top.

Now to toppings: does anyone eat their hot dog plain? Without a single condiment?

Choices for topping your dog vary as much as those eating the hot dogs! Some like ketchup, others like a certain style of mustard. Some like mustard and sweet pickle relish. Then there are the gourmets who live for toppings such as chili, chopped onion, pickles, cheese, coleslaw or hot peppers on their dogs.

Here's a quirky look at the different regional tastes from Hot Dog Chicago Style, beginning with, of course, Chicago.

Chicago - Vienna beef hot dog topped with chopped onions, diced or wedged tomatoes, a dill pickle spear, pickled hot peppers ("sport peppers"), pickle relish, mustard, and celery salt, and served on a poppy seed bun. 

Cincinnati - Usually served as a "cheese coney" with Cincinnati chili, shredded mild cheddar cheese, and sometimes chopped onion and/or mustard.

Upstate New York - There are two distinct types of hot dogs. There are Red Hots and White Hots. Red Hots are "normal" hot dogs while White Hots are plumper and were first made by Zweigles of Rochester, New York.

New York  - The street cart-style hot dog is the Sabrett all-beef natural casing frank, boiled and served with onion sauce and deli mustard—or sauerkraut.

North Carolina - Also with chili and coleslaw, with the addition of mustard and onions. Referred to as a hot dog 'all the way.'

Pacific Northwest - Often enjoyed with some combination of ketchup, mustard, relish, and mayo.

Boston - Often served steamed as opposed to grilled. Ketchup, mustard, relish, picalilli, and chopped onions are common toppings. The "Fenway Frank" is a fixture for Red Sox fans.

West Virginia - Hot dogs are usually served with chili sauce (usually without beans) and coleslaw. When served without a wiener, it is locally called a "chili dog," much to the confusion of non-residents. 

Rhode Island - Called New York Style Hot Wieners, and served with meat sauce, chopped onion, mustard, and celery salt.

Providence Rhode Island - Home of the excellent New York System Frank, your basic hot dog covered with an all-beef chili, raw chopped onions and curry powder.

Detroit - Served as a "coney" with chili sauce, mustard, and onions on a steamed bun.

Kansas City - A Dog with sauerkraut and melted cheese.

New Jersey - Several styles of Hot Dogs are popular here: A "Potato Dog" has diced and stewed potatoes, brown mustard and served on spicy Sabrett® brand Hot Dog. "Texas Weiners" (chili dogs everywhere else) are Hot Dogs served with brown mustard, hot and spicy chili and diced raw onions. An "Italian Dog" has fried onions, peppers and potatoes.

Georgia - Especially in South Georgia you will find a "Scrambled" Dog (or dawg). This is a cheap, usually red-skinned hot dog, on a toasted white bun and topped with mustard and spicy chili sauce.

Southern Slaw Dog - Topped with mustard, chili and coleslaw.

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