Unidentified Clinton Good Samaritan Story Goes Viral!

This week, a very honest person found $250 and a debit card in the Walgreens parking lot and turned it in to the store manager. Read on to hear the whole story:


It was a busy day of running errands for Clinton resident Susan Salemi. She had gone to the bank, cashed a check and had the dog with her in the car. She said she "rushed and grabbed what I needed" and headed into Walgreens in Clinton for one last errand Feb. 25 before driving home.

What she didn't realize is that a bank envelope with $250 in cash and her debit card fell out of her purse or car into the parking lot at the store.

"Not until I returned home and received a call from the manager of Walgreens did I realize I had lost the cash and debit card," said Salemi.

But she hadn't really lost it.

An unidentified woman found the envelope in the parking lot and handed it over to a cashier who in turn gave it to the manager of the store. Because Salemi's name was on the debit card, the manager was able to telephone her.

"He told me he'd put the envelope with the card and money in the store safe, and for me to bring my I.D. to claim it," said Salemi.

Salemi calls this kind-hearted and honest citizen her "Good Samaritan."

"This person didn't leave their information with the manager. Not only would I like the people of Clinton to know that there are still good honest citizens in our town, but I would like to thank them personally for returning this to me. I'm extremely grateful, thank you so much," she said.

On the Clinton Facebook page, 231 people "liked" the story and here's what a few of them had to say:


"This is so great to hear. I work in this store and since I have been in this town, I have noticed that people here are very likely to do things like that. There are lots of good people still in the world."

"What a breath of fresh air that is:) Yay, Walgreens and let's hear it for the person with a conscience!! You rock!"

"AWESOME!! Good to know there are good people out there but KARMA will take care of the rest of them!!"

"There are plenty of good people around!"

"Do what is right ... There are people like that all over the world....they just rarely get recognition. There really are good people out there."

"Good people all around!!!!! Great story."

"This story made my day! Thanks to the honest person and to you, Susan, for sharing your story!"

"That's called paying it forward"

So...tell your story! Have you been a Good Samaritan and practiced 'pay it forward'? Or were you the lucky recipient, like Susan Salemi, of an honest person?  Tell us in the comments.

Salvatore Chiaramonte February 27, 2013 at 03:44 PM
We had just pulled into a parking lot of a Hotel we were staying at in Fort Lauderdale' my son was parking the car and we were on the way into the building to check in. When he came in he had a wallet in his hand with $1,000.00 in cash, he turned it in to the Hotel Manager and was told it would be put in the safe until they could indentify the owner. Sorry the final part of the story was not kown, up until the time we checked out the next morning it had not been claimed and we can only hope the owner was found and returned the cash they lost. Sal
Fay Abrahamsson February 27, 2013 at 05:22 PM
Thanks for a great story, Sal! I'll add mine: More than 15 years ago I lost a gold bracelet at Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC. I looked all over for it and put in a notice at their lost and found. Later that day at home, a friend of mine said that if an honest person found my bracelet and wanted to return it to me, they would have no idea how to do so unless I took out an ad in the Washington Post (if Patch had been in existence I would have used it!). Long story short, the day the ad ran, a woman in Virginia called me to say she and her husband had found my bracelet in the airport parking garage. She mailed it to me, would not accept a reward, so I had flowers delivered to her home with a big note of thanks. The bracelet was engraved from my sister to me at the time of her wedding. The woman said her husband, when he saw the engraving, told her, "this is a special piece and this woman will place an ad." Thankfully there are honest folks out there!
Jonathan Sanders February 27, 2013 at 08:59 PM
So sad that this is not the norm and a news story is needed. Shouldn't this be what we all would do if we found the money?


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