Cold Enough For You?

What are you doing to stay warm on these frigid days and nights?


Yes, winter has arrived and with it an icy blast of frigid air that even the most hearty of New Englanders wishes they were in a warmer climate.  At least for this week.

So, what are you and your family doing to stay warm? Are you staying inside? Or are you braving the cold and heading outside and getting exercise hoping the movement will help keep your body warm? Are you buying anything marked "thermal" at the stores?

Tell us!  Patch wants to know what steps you are taking to survive this week.

For those with wood stoves, please remember to have your chimneys cleaned (that goes for those with fireplaces, too). You don't want to experience a wood stove fire as these two Clinton residences did this week.

Do you have any stick-to-the-ribs warm recipes to share? This recipe for Cincinnati-style chili is sure to keep the whole family warm and full.

Remember too, if possible, to call and check on elderly neighbors and friends during this extreme cold.

The cold air is expected to remain in the region through the weekend.

The forecast for Clinton from the National Weather Service calls for today's high at about 20 degrees. Overnight it will drop to 8 degrees, with wind chill values as low as -4. Wind could gust as much as 30 mph. On Friday, there's a chance of snow in the late afternoon. It will again be very cold and could reach -4 degrees with the wind chill.  Snow is expected through Friday night into Saturday early morning with about 1 to 2 inches of new snow. Saturday will be cold, too, with a high near 28 degrees and a low of around 10 degrees. 


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