Attending "The Launch" this Saturday? Here Are Some Details

The long-awaited kick-off party to celebrate Clinton's 350th anniversary is here this Saturday, Feb. 2. Here are some reminders for those attending the party.


It's here!  Clinton's kick-off party to begin a year's worth of fun and celebration for its 350th birthday.

Headlining the festivities is "The Launch" held this Saturday, Feb. 2, from 8pm to 11:30pm at Andrews Memorial Town Hall in Clinton.

The event is sold out!

Here are some reminders to all attendees from the 350th Celebration Committee:

1. Festivities begin at 8pm and conclude at 11:30pm

2. Dress is "Cocktail Party Attire"

3. Please enter town hall ONLY through the front main doors.  The majority of parking is in the rear of town hall but you will not be able to enter through the rear entrance. 

4. Don't forget to bring your TICKETS !

5. Have fun and dance the night away!

The event is being professionally planned by Creative Concepts by Lisa.

"The Launch party is going to be an exciting event for our town and everyone to come together, help kick off the start of a year-long 350th birthday party and have a great time doing it," said John Allen, member of the 350th Committee.

For more information on the Clinton 350th --how to help, donate or just get more information on what’s going on, log on to www.clinton350.org or email them at info@clinton350.org.

On Saturday night and Sunday morning, the Clinton Patch will post an article inviting Launch attendees to share their photos from the party for all to see.


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